Friday, November 18, 2005

Home Life Update

I returned home about 20 minutes ago from taking the toddler to the emergency room. She was sick—throwing up. Yes, they are still, with me. No, I have not located my money.

When I arrived home, I found Alex sleeping in my computer. He them demanded to be fed. So I fed him. A few minutes later, he came into the room and got my attention by his usual manner—sticking his claws in my balls. Alex led me into the kitchen where Toby, the male cat visitor, was eating from Alex’s bowl.

I prepared a second meal for Alex; Toby left the first meal and began eating the second I’d just prepared. Alex backed off. I lifted Toby by the nap of his neck and placed him before meal #1. Alex and Toby are now eating side by side. I have no idea where the third cat is.

My home life has drastically changed in the past 36 hours.

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