Friday, November 18, 2005

I Feel Betrayed

I had hopes that I could help the young couple I wrote about yesterday. I spent half the day helping them move, drove the guy to work at 11:00 last night and picked him up at 6:00 this morning. Then I drove the woman to a class she had to attend that was held quite a distance from my home. All of that was OK. For me it was appropriate, honorable, and gracious.

This afternoon I took a nap. Later, the couple said they wanted to order a pizza with some discount coupons they had. Since they didn’t have enough money, I agreed to pay for a third of the pizza. However, when I opened my wallet, it was empty. There had been $50.00 in it that I withdrew from the bank this morning.

My wallet was in my jacket pocket and my jacket was hanging in my study. Moreover, the pocket where I located my wallet was zipped closed. I never use the zippers on the pockets of that jacket because they have a habit of sticking closed. Thus, I concluded, someone had taken my wallet from the jacket, removed the $50.00, and replaced the wallet, zipping the pocket closed. Only the young couple was in the house.

Before I confronted them, I searched my car, bedroom, every place I could have put the money. Of course, I didn’t find it. So I confronted them. The woman said she knew nothing about the money; the man said nothing at all.

I feel betrayed and more. I have told them that they must find another place to stay. That action on my part feels dreadful. I do not want to send a pregnant woman and an infant out into 25 degree weather. Yet, I do not know what else to do. I cannot have people in my home who abuse my hospitality and steal from me.

I am continuing to pray about this. Please pray with me—and for them and me.


  1. I'm sorry it worked out that way. I was envious of you for having a full house, but I'm not any more.

  2. No, don’t envy me, Thomas! It isn’t as if these folks were family. Still, my ethic informs me that I need to do fro them as I would hope someone would do for me. You, for one, reached out to me in my time of need. I reached out to them. They responded to me differently than I responded to you or would respond to anyone.
    I still don’t know what to do about the situation! They remain here; they have locked themselves in my spare bedroom. Sooner or later they must emerge or I must go in.

    I am still praying about what I shall do.

  3. I feel sorry for the child and the cats. The mother might be caught in the middle, too; her husband's a thief, but her options are pretty limited at the moment.

    It's a tough situation. You can't kick a kid out into the cold, but you sure don't want to send these guys to live with anyone you care about.

    If I have a brilliant idea I'll be sure to pass it along, but for now, I'm stumped, too. All I can do is wish you luck.

  4. Thomas, if you come up with any ideas at all let me know.

    Last night my sometimes friend Candy telephoned and when I told her about the situation, she dropped by with food she had cooked and repaid me $20.00 I had lent her a couple of days ago. I hadn’t the gas to drive the dude staying with me to his all-night job at a fast food restaurant, so he found another way. At least I think he did—he was gone all night.

    When I got up this morning, I found the remainder of the food Candy had brought on the floor in front of my refrigerator. He had evidently tried to take it out of the frig this morning and dropped it. The worst part about it is that the bowl that broke when it hit the floor was a special gift I had given to Candy a few months ago.

    I took the $20.00 and bought gasoline. I also bought food for the pregnant woman and her daughter—and me. The guy is still asleep.