Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Around & About

Against my most primal and self-protective intuitions, I did go east and visit with my friends this week. I did not stay as long as I wanted or could have; however, the time I spent was well worth the risk I took in leaving my home in the hands of my guests. Other than Brian and Stephanie having used the last of my clothes washing detergent and adding garbage to my waste baskets without taking any of it out to the garbage cans, I found no damage done while I was gone.

I have implemented the legal action recommended by my friend, the circuit court judge. Now I gleefully await the arrival of the sheriff to serve the eviction notice on my guests.

Tiffany has been an immense help in getting my house into the state I desire. I realize that I have shared few picture of my 100-year-old-this-year-domicile; that has primarily been because it hasn’t been in a picture-worthy condition for some time. It is now rapidly getting there and I am beginning to again feel satisfied with my home. Below are a few random pics of my house that I took this evening.

The last picture (above) is of the spare bedroom that my “guests” occupy. It has not improved since I took the last set of pictures. If anything, it is more of a mess. Behind the door in the picture is a walk-in closet that contains, among other things, my Christmas decorations. I look forward to the moment when they depart so that I can finally decorate for the holidays!


  1. Glad you visited you friends!

  2. Love the pictures....and I'm glad you had a nice visit, sounds like it was needed.

  3. beautiful home! can't wait till they're gone so it can be all yours again........! Woo-hoo!

  4. I simply love your kitchen! Can I come over and do my Christmas cooking there?

  5. Your kitchen is beautiful!!!! I'm jealous!