Friday, January 27, 2006

Friday Hodgepodge IV

Encourage a New Blogger!

Tiffany, the young (she just celebrated her 24th birthday) woman who cleaned my house and has put it in order since my “guests” left, has been blogging for just a little bit. She was off-line for a while when she had no computer access, but has now returned to blogging.

Do you remember how it was for you when you first started to blog? Wondering if anyone ever reads anything you have written? I remember. I even remember who left the first comment I ever received: SonSon.

Do me a favor and drop by Tiffany’s blog: Am0r 0nLiNe . Leave her an encouraging comment. She—and I—will appreciate it!

Friday Evening Visitors

I had almost finished the first entry in tonight’s blog when the doorbell rang. It was a young man and woman who were representing Louisville ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now). After they introduced themselves and told me a bit about what they and ACORN were doing, I invited them in and we spent an amiable half hour in my living room.

ACORN, they said, is a 34-year-old national organization. It has run national campaigns to (1) stop predatory lending; (2) secure livable wages; (3) promote better schools; encourage affordable housing; and compel community reinvestment. Locally, ACORN is lobbying a local bank for lower interest rates for homeowners forced to pay for new sewer construction; cleaning up abandoned lots and vacant houses; encouraging police to target local drug hot spots; and several other projects. It all sounded good to me and I offered my support and personal skills, even though (since I remain technically unemployed) I couldn’t offer a financial contribution.

Then came the “it’s a small world” awareness. I mentioned that I had been a social worker for the Commonwealth of Kentucky in the 1970s and ‘80s. The young woman said her dad had been one, too. I asked his name and—yeah, you guessed it—I knew him well.

It really is a very small world!

My Perfect Lover

My post the other day responding to the tag about My Perfect Lover led to quite a bit of dialogue. While reading and responding to comments, I remembered a story that Anthony de Mello told about a man who spent his life seeking the ideal woman. It really says a lot about perfection and what we desire in others. I’ll have to write it as I remember it and post it as a blog soon.

My Psi Q Rating

Following Callie’s lead, I went and took this test:

take the psi-q psychic test yourself

I'm Movin' On


  1. i'm moveing on... thats cute i'm thinking about do that my self!!!

  2. I came out sort of low:

    Telepathy/Empathy 4/10
    Clairvoyance/Remote Viewing 6/10
    Psychokinesis 2/10
    Precognition 4/10
    Channeling 7/10

    Ironically, that's what I thought would happen. :o)

    Some of those questions were sort of tricky: "Have you noticed items like cutlery falling on the floor when you are around?"

    Well, yes, but that's because I'm clumsy, not because I'm psychic.

  3. When I meet a stranger and find that person is related to someone I knew long ago I take it as a sign that we were supposed to meet.

  4. I took that test but I really question the results!

  5. Movin' on sounds like a wonderful thing, Nick (though it is almost always easier said than done)!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. The little guy is really movin' on, isn't he? What does Alex think of hime?

  7. I'll check out the girl's website. She's not a potental replacement for our mutual friend, is she?

  8. NICK if i may ask what is MIKE talking about?

  9. Chica—Thanks. I am wondering if I can use that little wooden guy to express emotions.

    JD’s Rose—Thank you. I think I had a fairly good weekend, but today I’m not feeling so well.

    Thomas—Yes, the questions were “tricky.” More than that, I can’t see the relationship between them and “psychic development.” Clumsy? I dropped the same piece of flatware three times before I got it into the dish washer yesterday!

    Abby—I never through of it that way. Perhaps I need to follow-up on the ACORN group?

    Mike—I think that “test” was rather a game. I don’t take it seriously.

    Punkmom—You are so right! Movin’ on is always difficult.

    Azsonofagun—Alex has knocked the little guy off my desk and onto the floor several times.

    Mike-in-Tucson—No, she is certainly not a replacement for our mutual friend.

    Jody—I think it refers to psychic abilities, but I am really not certain.

    Chica—Mike is referring to a woman we both know.

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