Thursday, January 05, 2006

More Old Photos

OK, maybe it is egotistical to publish old photographs of one’s self. But so many people commented on yesterday’s post that I have decided to share five more:
Riding on a One-Dad Sled

The Pepsi Generation? Sister Deb & Me

Tryin’ to Look Like Bucky Four-Eyes

Early Driving Lesson w/Mom

Driving on my Own


  1. So, why'd you ditch the shades? I think you'd make a great shades-wearin' preacher!

  2. bucky: That was a fast response. Hey! I have not ditched the shades—at least not all of the time. I’ll post a more contemporary pic of me in shades someday.

  3. The photo of you and your Mom - what kind of car - can't see enough to tell. Good pics - I'm not sure we even had a camera when I was that young. ec

  4. More good pics, Nick. Thanks

  5. Great pictures...Pepsi might buy that one from you...great advertisment..who could resist.

  6. What is that car in the last picture?

  7. hey nick very cute pic's like always and kylee has a good ideal about pepsi!

  8. Yeah!!!!

    One of my favorite things to do with old pictures, is to look beyond the picture. The one of you on the sled, look at all the old cars behind ya.

    Very cool Nick, thanks for posting them!!!

  9. nreddie: I have more pictures of "me" than I can count. My mother was the youngest of 8 children; when I was born, only her oldest brother had a child and he was 14 years older than me. Thus, all of my aunts and uncles took pictures of me.

    The car in that photograph with my mother, if I can remember correctly, was a 1949(?) Packard.

    azsonofagun: You are most welcome. Scanning and posting these has been fun.

    kylee: Ah! Good idea! Thanks! I may see if Pepsi wants this one!

    roger doger: I think that car was a Plymouth from the late ‘50s—or whenever cars had “fins.”

    chica: Thanks, Tiffany! Yeah, I need to follow-up in kylee’s idea!

    milkmaid: Looking at the cars and buildings in old photos can be very interesting. That picture of me on the sled was probably taken in 1947 or ’48 (I sound like an antique!) and the cars are ones I suppose can be only found in museums today.

  10. A Packard? I don’t believe that I have ever seen a Packard before!