Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Old Photos

Is it egotistical to publish pictures of one’s self? I somewhat think it is. However—which means “disregard that last sentence”—I was looking through some old pictures to find one of my sister and me to create a birthday card for her and came across a bunch of very old pics.

Here are a few:

On the lap of my maternal grandmother (Nana to me) who died when I was 4 years old.

Cowboy Nick

Fireman Nick

Huck Finn Wannabe Nick

Carpenter Nick w/Sister Debbie


  1. Nice pics nick. I loved the huck finn one to the hilt.
    Someone said, a part of you stays behind in your photos. So when you look at your photo, it's not just a piece of cardboard paper--it's a part of your essence you're staring at. I feel it's true.

  2. Good pics, in that last one it looked like the ball-peen hammer was headed toward the thumb. :) Wonder how many folks still have that type hammer? ec

  3. cool pictures, Nick. You have a very nice blogsite!

  4. You were rather like "tinker, tailor, soldier, spy."

  5. I love old pictures! I'll have to scan some of my old ones to share.

  6. I love these pictures, Nick!!! I'm glad you have shared them.

  7. ex-Louisville Guy Retired in TucsonWednesday, January 04, 2006 8:12:00 PM

    Good pictures, Nick. Didn't your grandmother go to Salem?

  8. Great pictures. I've never seen the one of Nana holding you.

  9. I remember your showing me these. You were a cute kid. I miss you. Did you get my new email address?

  10. Awwww, do you have more?? Share more if you have them. I LOVE old pictures, hours and hours and hours over them and still not be bored.

    The cowboy Nick is my favorite one.

    ec - you know I have a ball-peen hammer, cuz I found it at a yard sale for a buck. LOL!

  11. Yes! Post more old pictures. I really enjoyed these.

  12. You were a cute kid and your sister was a doll.

    I agree. Post some more old pics. I enjoy seeing them, too.

  13. those were great. I love old pictures. Looks like it was Illinois or Indiana there in the background!

  14. Wow! I never expected so many people would comment on a few old photographs!

    kylee: Your welcome and thank you for the visit and comment.

    vishwa: I agree: behind in photos. I had not really looked at these until yesterday. Now I am seeing, if not my essence, than that of the family members who are in them. Looking at them at the very least sharpens and may even re-define my memories of people and past times.

    mreddie: It’s a good possibility that the ball-peen hammer was headed toward the thumb! Of course, I was probably posing. My sister and I were inside a playhouse that was built for us by our uncle (I think).

    j: Thanks—for both remarks.

    azsonofagun: I’d not thought of “tinker, tailor, soldier, spy!” I am trying on a lot of roles in those pictures. Come to think of it, I have played as many or more roles in my life!

    thomas: Please do scan and post some of your old photographs. I look forward to seeing them. P.S.—it is a fun thing to do!

    punkmom: Thanks you! With all of these comments, I have decided to post some more.

    ex-louisville guy: Thanks. Yes, she went to Salem. Her name was Anna Hertle.

    debbie: Thank you!

    candy: I think I did share them when I first found them last year. I miss you, too.

    m: Thanks.

    milkmaid: Yes, my dear, I have more. And specifically in response to your request I have posted more of them today. I have a lot of “Cowboy Nick”—I could possibly create an entire post out of them.

    abby: Thanks. I counted your vote in deciding to post more old photographs.

    mike: Thanks. Cute? Maybe. Doll? I suppose she was, but to me my little sister was more of a pain in my ass. Come to think of it, she still often is.

    jay are: Thanks. The backgrounds are all Louisville, Kentucky.

    jody: Awesome, dudette!

  15. damn it's a wonder your mom didnt have you being a modle and geting paid for it

  16. chica: Thanks, but I don't think I was/am that photogenic!