Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A Valentine’s Birthday Log Blog

12:30 a.m.—It is Valentine’s Day and I am now sixty years old. I am going to update the post throughout the day, by the end of which I now have no idea what will be written here!

1:10 a.m.—While reading other folks blogs, I received a “happy birthday” phone call from my favorite female who assures me that I shall not be alone on Valentines’ Day/my birthday.

10:30 a.m.—I awakened this morning feeling not necessarily older, but somehow “unacceptable.” I can’t explain that, unless it had something to do with the dreams I was having just before I woke up.

Alex was in my bedroom meowing for breakfast. As I walked toward the kitchen, he did his figure-8 walk through my legs, rubbing his body against my calves. In the kitchen, I rubbed his chin and the top of his head; then, served my master his breakfast. Alex has now completed his morning meal and gone out-of-doors to explore and chat with his friends.

Just as I put the coffee on to brew, the telephone rang. It was my mother calling with birthday wishes. She told me a version of my birth story I don’t think she’d ever told me before. Yesterday a friend asked me how long she was in labor with my birth. I really didn’t know and didn’t ask my mother this morning. However, she told me without my asking: I was born thirty minutes after she arrived at the hospital. Six other baby boys were delivered by the same doctor, one after the other. My mother said the doctor came into her hospital room after I was born and said, “If I had known all seven of you ladies wanted Valentines, I’d have sent you cards. This has been the busiest morning I have ever had.”

12:15 p.m.—I telephoned for a haircut/beard trim appointment for tomorrow and the stylist told me that he has openings for this afternoon. So I shall have my shaggy-dog look reduced as part of my birthday celebration.

7:30 p.m.—The afternoon was mixed emotions. My haircut and beard trim turned out to be one of the best I have ever received. I then went to have my driver’s license renewed. I picked up my friend along the way because she needed to replace her stolen ID cards—no driver’s license. I was able to help her determine what she needs to prove her identity.

That time spent at the Drivers License Bureau was bittersweet. I have been telling her she needed to replace her ID for a year. Now she is in a rush to do so and I believe—she won’t confirm it—that her rush is so that she can get a marriage license and marry the dude who is expecting a large insurance settlement from his car accident in two weeks.

So I wasn’t alone on my birthday; I was with the woman I wanted to be with and we had four hours together. Yet I feel a sense of heartache at her upcoming marriage.

11:40 p.m.—I spent the remainder of my birthday playing with Alex, finishing a novel I was reading, and reading other folks blogs. Now I shall retire and try to sleep.

Thanks to everyone who sent me happy birthday wishes!



  2. Nick...
    Good that you're'nt alone on Valentines---Probably St. valentine's addicted to blogs in heaven and he must've read your posts of late.
    Wish you a very happy b'day and a very great valentine's day. Have a blast and enjoy.

  3. Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday Mr Sometimes Saintly Nick. Happy Birthday to you. (sung as per Ms Munroe)
    Go have a good one for yourself.

  4. A very special birthday to you, Nick. I don’t know about your dreams, but I do know you are much more that juts acceptable. You are a very special person.

  5. Happy birthday, Saint Nick! Don't have your beard cut too short. I like beards

  6. A big birthday hug to you, young man!

  7. Oh Happy Birthday!!! My husband's birthday is today too! Fabulous people are born on Valentines day, I know this from personal experience. I hope you have a wonderful day and year!

  8. Happiest of Birthday's Nick!!


  9. JD’s Rose—Thank you!

    Vishwa—Thank you. I was with the person I wanted for four hours, so I wasn’t alone all day.

    Mdvelazquez—Thank you for the happy birthday and for visiting my blog.

    Little Sister—Thank you.

    Katietoyboy—Thank you. I wonder if you are the Katie related to me.

    Abby—Thank you. I appreciate your affirmation.

    Aweebitheavy—My beard was trimmed, but not “too” short. Just shorter than I wear it when I pretend I am Saint Nick—i.e., Santa Claus.

    Mexicali Rose—Thank you, especially for addressing me as “young man.”

    Nina—Thank you! And I Happy Birthday to your Valentine husband, too.

    Milkmaid—Thanks! And a special thanks for the hugs. I can still use a bunch!

  10. Happy birthday, Nick! Sorry part of it was bittersweet.

  11. hi, i'm in ireland, so no relation

  12. Kylee—Thank you!

    Squirl—Thank you!

    El—Thank you!

    Azsonofagun—Thank you! Of course, I suppose “bittersweet” is better than all “bitter,”

    Katietoyboy—That you are in Ireland doesn’t necessarily mean you are no relation: I have Irish ancestors. One never know, do one?

  13. A belated happy birthday to you, Nick

  14. So did she get to get it her id ? also thats a cool story about your birth. so when does the house need a cleaning lol i dont know why i am asking you this in the blog if you want just delete my comment lol

  15. Mike—Thank you. I’ll accept good wishes 265 days a year!

    Chica—No, she didn’t get her ID, but she found out what she needs to get it and says she has all of those items. I’ll respond to your other questions via email.

  16. Happy Belated Birthday!!!! I missed a few days and look what I missed!! Thanks for sharing your day with all of us.

  17. Stephie—Thank you.

    Anonymous—Thank you.

    Jay Are—Thank you. You are welcome.


  19. Chica—Don’t worry. I was just recovering from the damned trip to the dentist plus an even more damnable trip to Social Security.