Thursday, March 16, 2006

Tomorrow St. Paddy & I Celebrate

Since Monday morning I’ve spent every day this week in classes preparing to take Kentucky’s Insurance Agent licensing test. My legs and back are sore from sitting! My brain is aching from trying to learn what is, for me, a foreign language: all of this insurance terminology is like Greek to me. (No, not Greek: I studied Greek over 20 years ago and it was easier than this stuff).

The course ends tomorrow. And, if my memory still holds anything besides but insurance terms and laws, I do recall that tomorrow is Saint Patrick’s Day. So, with three Irish pubs (almost) within walking distance, I believe that tomorrow I shall celebrate the end of the class along with all those other folks drinking green beer and singing Irish songs!


  1. I was wondering where you were. Drink some green beer for me tomorrow!

  2. There are worse ways to spend the day. Enjoy.

  3. Yay!! Saint Patrick's day is my favorite holiday, as it expects very little of you :P

  4. Good luck on your exam....and celebrate some for me!!!!