Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday Hodgepodge

'Tis A Puzzlement

I’ve been confused all week. For some reason unknown to me, I have been a day behind. In my mind, today should be Thursday, not Friday.

I have been bewildered and mixed up during Holy Week before, but I can rationalize that by the extra worship services I had to prepare and lead. But this Holy Week I am neither pastoring a church nor preparing services. As the king sang in The King and I: ‘Tis a puzzlement.


I had hoped to be employed full time by next Monday. After taking a week’s course, paying several hundreds of dollars that I can’t afford, gathering all sorts of data, and filling out numerous forms, all I have to do is take and pass the Commonwealth of Kentucky’s insurance agent examination and I will be employed. All of the documentation and money to take the exam was mailed to the Insurance Commissioner’s office on April 4th.

The manager of the insurance company said that it should be processed and I should be able to schedule the exam this week. I even have my own Internet page at the Insurance Commission website where I can log in and schedule the exam. I have checked that page every day. But the only message I receive is: You currently do not have any examinations available to schedule. What bugs me even more this that the check I sent paying for the exam has already cleared my bank.

I must have the insurance agent license before I can begin work. I can begin work only on a Monday. I had hoped that would be next Monday; however, it now appears that the earliest will be April 24th. I feel frustrated!

A Good Friday Greeting?

This afternoon I had a conversation with another clergyperson, part of which revolved around is there an appropriate Good Friday greeting? On Christmas we say Merry Christmas and on Easter we say Happy Easter, but neither Merry Good Friday nor Happy Good Friday seem appropriate. I suggested something like May the blood of the Lamb be a blessing to you, but that was immediately shot down.

Perhaps there can be no appropriate Good Friday greeting and we must simply allow the shalom of this most holy day to be with us.


  1. Never mind Nick, the 24th will come round quickly. While your waiting enjoy and savour that time to yourself.
    A joyous easter to you :o)

  2. I had a friend in the Marines who once wished me a "Good (expletive) Friday!" I guess we've got a year now to think up a better one.

    That should not be difficult. ;o)

  3. Michelle—Thank you. After spending more than $600.00 of money I had to borrow for this job, each day I wait hurts. However, I hope I can take the exam next week and be employed on the 24th!

    Thomas—Maybe I came up with what is for me the only possible Good Friday greeting: “shalom.”