Thursday, June 08, 2006

So Busy

I’ve been so busy recently with my new job and preparing for the arrival of #2 son, Rob, who is moving to Louisville from Albuquerque, that I’ve not had time to read folks’ blog posts. I feel like something important is missing from my life!

#2 son, Rob, during his visit to Louisville last year.


  1. Does he want a holiday down under Nick!!??
    Glad to see the jobs keeping you busy, hope it's all working out well :o)
    Enjoy the visit!

  2. That is exciting that Rob will be living close by.

  3. That’s great, Nick. I hope all goes well for your son.

  4. Everytime I hear Albequerque I think that a) I could never live there because I'd never learn to spell it, and b), of that Bugs Bunny cartoon where they fail to make that left turn at Alberkerkee.

  5. Nick...I followed the link to the post you'd written about Rob. It was such a wonderful piece--authentic and straight from the heart.
    I bet, your blog is one hell of a place, if someone wants to have a taste of life in your part of the world. Reading your posts and following your blog over a period of time is really an enriching experience-- a window to understand human behaviour and contradictions.
    Have a nice time. Take care.

  6. Its so nice that your son is moving closer! That is fabulous.

    You made quite a good looking kid.

  7. Good luck with your new job, and congrats on your son moving closer. I second Lawbrat's comments.


  8. Hes cute 8)

    We all get busy and we all come back. Have a great time!!

  9. So great about your son and your job.

    Sounds like things are really looking up for you.

  10. MICHELLE: I asked Rob if he would like a holiday “down under” and he said, “Of course.” The he asked, “Down under whom?”

    NINA: It’s great! Rob is presently staying with his mom; he begins work tomorrow with the same company for whom he worked in Albuquerque; and plans on moving into an apartment near me at the end of June.

    ABBY: Yes, it is.

    LIMPY: I have yet to learn to spell Albuquerque!

    VISHWA: Thank you. Your words bring sunshine into my heart.

    LAWBRAT: Yes, Rob is rather well put together. He also has some great qualities: mountain climber, desert hiker, cave spelunker, gourmet chef, wine connoisseur, among others.

    CALLIE: Thank you. BTW, don ya wanna buy some insurance?

    KYLEE: I’ll pass your compliment on to Rob. And, yes, I feel I am busier now than I have been in years.

    SQUIRL: Yes, things are looking up. Now, if I could just sell a second insurance policy…

  11. Hehehehehehe, now that rob is my kinda guy!

  12. MICHELLE: Rob is quite special in many ways. He takes after his dad where Nick takes after his mom.