Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Spoiled Brat Cat

Giving freely seems to be part of my personality, which is why (I suppose) I seem to pamper and indulge everyone with whom I have a relationship. That includes animals—and especially my spolied brat of a cat, Alex.

Alex now seems to have adjusted his life to four primary activities: demanding my attention (by sticking his claws into various part of my body), sleeping in my bed (which he won’t usually do unless I’m already in it), playing outside (where he doesn’t want me around), and eating. In regard to this last activity, Alex has decided that he will now dine only on the kitchen table. No longer will he accept his food and water in bowls on the floor. I must serve Alex his meals on the table,

After Alex rejected my initial objection that cats do not walk, sit, or stand on my table for any purpose, we came to a compromise. I will place his dinner on the table (with Alex hovering over the bowl as I fill it). However, I will not eat at the table when he is sitting on it. Nor will I leave half eaten cat food on the table; whatever Alex doesn’t eat goes immediately into the garbage disposal. Before I will eat on my table, I will thoroughly cleanse it and Alex may not join me on or at the table.

Thus far my rules have worked, especially since I have only dined while Alex is outside playing. I do not know what will happen when I am hungry and it is raining outside, especially considering Alex’s aversion to water in any form.

In other matters:

My Uncle John is at this moment undergoing lung surgery. Please pray for him.

Tiffany remains in need of your good thoughts and prayers.

I suppose than I am now an official insurance agent: I sold my first policy this afternoon.

Blessings and shalom to you all.


  1. I'm glad you and Alex have come to an agreement - you must be firm. :) Congrats on the sale - way to go! ec

  2. Cats are hard to make deals with. My old kitty would just get mad at me when I tried to set boundaries and take a crap on the carpet right in front of me. Don't have to worry about that again now, my husband is deathly allergic.

  3. Congratulations on selling your first policy!!
    Prayers for Uncle John and Tiffany :o)

  4. I know of at least one female human brat that you spolied. Of course,she was already a spoiled brat before you met her.

  5. My prayers for Tiffany!

    Congratulations on your first sale. Now go out and make a second.

    Ales IS a brat.

  6. You have to keep a firm line with Alex at some point. Well, at least, I think you do. He does rule the roost. :)

    Good thoughts going out to Tiffany and your uncle.

  7. MR EDDIE: I really try to be firm with Alex. However, I usually give in to his demands.

    EL: I think I am allergic to cats, too. However, since Alex is a cat and he allows me to live in his house, I must accept my running nose and watering eyes.

    MICHELLE: Thank you. Uncle John made it through the surgery OK. He should have the results of the biopsy by tomorrow.

    AZSONOFAGUN: That female brat hasn’t contacted me since before Easter. She’s evidently still working on the $500K insurance scam with the dude she says she’s going to marry.

    ABBY: Thanks. Tiffany does remain in need of our prayers.

    SQUIRL: You have it: Alex does rule the roost—and this house, too!

  8. Shocking, a cat who makes demands? unheard of!

    Congrats on your first sale.

  9. JESSICA: Thanks on the congratulations. Since I have been working 12 and 14 hour days Alex has become even more demanding. He’s driving me up the wall!

  10. prayers to you and yours!! Congratulations on you first policy sold!!