Sunday, July 09, 2006

#2 Son (Rob's) Apartment Warming: July 8, 2006


  1. Looks like a nice time Nick. Are those his daughters?

  2. PEACH: It was a nice time. Unfortunately, I had not cleared the memory of my digital camera and could take only those 3 pictures,

    The Kids are the children of my #1 son, Nick III. Rob has no children.

  3. Nick, how did your ministry go this morning?

  4. PEACH: For me, the service went well. It has been a while since I have led worship and I have missed the experience. 3 or 4 in the congregation told me how much they have missed me. There were only 9 worshippers present in a sanctuary that can accommodate 300-400 hundred. That’s generally been the number attending worship at this church over the past 3-4 years.

  5. Nick, good for you that you felt good about it. Perhaps the next time you do it, more people will attend. I guess those people today needed to hear what you said.

    Cute girls by the way. You must be very proud. Your son looks very happy to be there. How blessed you are to have a happy family.

  6. Lovely pictures. Your son has such a nice smile.

    How nice you got a chance to do your chosen profession this morning.

  7. Great pix- you have a very nice family!

    & am happy for you that you had the opportunity to preach in Church today:)

  8. PEACH: The service went OK. This congregation has less than a dozen members and a huge—almost cathedral-sized—church building. Their average age is probably in the high 70s. They had planned to close down and merge with a larger congregation several years ago—I suppose they’ve just decided to postpone acting on that decision.

    I do feel blessed to have my family near to me. It has been about 23 years since we all lived in the same city.

    SQUIRL: Thank you. The kids are neat. Being in a leadership role such as I am as moderator of the association is, I suppose, part of my calling to ministry. But I really miss leading worship. This morning reminded me how much I miss it.

    RHAPSODY: Thank you. I will add that after this morning’s service the president of the congregation asked me if I am too busy to lead worship there more often. Of course I told him to contact me as often as he likes. It was, too me, an absurd question: I am never too busy to lead a worship service!

  9. It's no surprise you have such a good looking family, Nick! Looks like Rob has a very nice place, too! I'm glad you have family close by :)

    I'm also glad to hear the sermon went well - I bet you're a very good minister :) I sometimes wonder if the congregations of some churches are diminishing because they don't espouse the so-called "values" of the Shrub's neo-cons? Just surmising there. My Mr. Wonderful is an usher and deacon where he goes to church, and most of that congregation is aging and diminishing. He said most of the problem with those who leave is they're not very tolerant of so-called alternative lifestyles (e.g., democrats or gays).

    There is another deacon/usher at Mr. Wonderful's church who is 85, and he is a hoot. Can never catch him at home - he's always out volunteering, tutoring disadvantaged school kids, etc. I wish I had his energy! I guess that's what he gets for being closer to God ;)

  10. Nice pix... good times. =)

    Wishing you & your family the best.
    Take care! =)

  11. From the photos it looks like a fun family time. ec