Thursday, July 06, 2006

Cat Dreams

With my mind centered on—and so much of my time consumed by—being an elderly rookie insurance agent, I fear that I may have been neglecting, both in my life and in this blog, my housemate, Alex.

As I previously wrote, I try to make it home sometime during the day to feed Alex his lunch and let him in or out of the house, depending on where he was when I departed for work that day. There are times, such as today, when I am not able to return home during the day.

When I did arrive home this evening, I found Alex inside the house, which was unfortunate since the weather has been delightful. After greeting the cat who owns me with a hug and a belly scratch, I provided him with one of his favorite packaged meals. He seemed thankful and pleased—if one can ever really interpret how a cat is feeling.

An hour or so later, after I had returned some phone calls and initiated a dozen or so telephone contacts with perspective clients, I decided that I needed an early evening nap. I hooked up the CPAP and climbed into bed. A few moments later Alex joined me in the new manner of sleeping that he began a few nights ago.

Perhaps because I am now away so much—or maybe because of some notion he has gotten into his feline brain—Alex now sleeps on top of me. The first time he did that—a couple of nights ago—I was sleeping on my side. I was awakened by cat claws digging into my pectoralis major and, when I rolled over on my back, Alex walked as I rolled and ended up on my stomach—where he curled into his normal sleeping position. That’s the way he has slept the past two nights and during this evening’s short nap: on top of me.

Thankfully, I always now wear the CPAP connected to an oxygen generator when I sleep! This morning I awakened, not only with the cat sprawled on my upper chest, but he had positioned his hind end on top of my face! Without the CPAP forcing air into my lungs, I am sure there is the possibility that Alex could have smothered me!

Alex still has not ventured outside today. At the moment he is curled up by my feet as I type these words. I suppose the little fellow really misses me.


  1. That is an interesting cat, but I'm almost certain that I would not enjoy claws in my skin during the night. :) ec

  2. Being allergic to cats, I can't imagine it, although he sounds affectionate...

    Do cats (or animals in general)contribute to apnea?

  3. Hello Nick ~~ Obviously Alex misses
    you badly. Thanks for comments, I liked that Farmer going for a divorce.
    Sorry you had to counsel him.
    Take care, Merle.

  4. Awwwww, the poor darling :(
    I hope things calm down a wee bit so the both of you can connect and enjoy each others company again :o)

  5. My cat does the sleeping on me thing, too, and walks along me when I turn over, and lays back down to go to sleep ... no problems. Only, I have the problems ... a sore back from her weight !!! She obviously sleeps soundly, I don't.
    Cats ... what would we do without them, though ... they make a home a home, I reckon.
    Take care, Nick, and have a wonderful weekend ... Meow

  6. So Alex isn't taking you for granted anymore. He must've been quite used to having you home all the time.
    Have a great weekend.

  7. Thx for visiting my blogiversary party.
    I've got 2 kitties myself. ;)

    Best to you...

  8. Cats are a lot more social than they are sometimes given credit for. My Alice sleeps with me at night, too.

  9. MREDDIE: Since Alex is the first cat who has ever owned me, I find everything he dies interesting. Last night he never entered by bed, but slept on the floor beside it. I have no idea what influences his behavior.

    RHAPSODY: I am probably allergic to cats, too. I hear that cat dancer is a major allergen. However, with all of the allergies here in the Ohio River Valley, I figure that one more won’t make much difference. Sleep apnea is generally caused by a constriction to the breaking passage, either by excess flesh or obesity. Mine is the latter.

    MERLE: I suppose Alex does miss me. Since I was around the house most of yesterday, he may be back to taking me for granted; thus, he slept on the floor and not in the bed. The farmer in your joke did remind me of a guy I had as a client; his ability to deal with relationships was a difficult challenge.

    MICHELLE: Alex seems back to normal today: he went out when I left to lead worship and came back in when I returned home. He ate—and has now gone back outside to play.

    MEOW: I’m glad to learn that Alex isn’t the only cat to decide to sleep on a human! His weight doesn’t bother me as much as his claws do. Life wouldn’t be the same without him.

    SQUIRL: I fear he may again be taking me for granted. I have fed him twice today and the rest of the time he has been outside doing his cat thing, whatever that is.

    LIL BIT: You’re welcome. Just remember: kittens grow up to be cats.

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