Thursday, July 20, 2006

Hot! Hotter!! Hottest?

From what I can tell from world weather maps, most of the Northern Hemisphere has been in the midst of a heat wave. If that’s the case, then I’ll not spend much time complaining about my own hot days. As I think I have mentioned, the air conditioning in my car went out after my last trip through the New Mexico and Arizona deserts. Now the air conditioning in my house is also acting up. But at least I have some fans, which is more than many folks who are suffering from this heat.

Louisville Courier-Journal columnist Bob Hill wrote:

We complain about the weather because we can and must, bur global warming is the elephant in this room.

I think he may be right! And if he is, it may be hot now, but it’s going to continue to get hotter. And if it does, I’m heading further north—way further north.

Back to Hill’s column:

We are living through the hottest year in recorded history; the icebergs are melting, the polar caps are retreating. Billions of creatures are already being affected, and the dodos and dinosaurs in Washington are still looking for proof that this is a very fragile planet.

Dodos and dinosaurs in Washington? He’s right, of course. The Kyoto Protocol , which is now active, was the first international agreement to fight global warming. It was signed by 141 nations, including all European and all other developed industrial nations—except the United States and Australia. (Could there be dodos and dinosaurs in Canberra, too? Or, maybe just George Bush wannabes?)

Of course, there is no global warming—and all of these melting icebergs are normal. Just watch and listen to Will Ferrell do his great Bush impersonation to bring us a very powerful message on Global Warming.

Enough said: it’s too hot to type—just ask Alex.


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  2. Hope you get your air conditioner fixed, we wouldn't want to burn the feet of Alex as he is typing. ec

  3. "Science commits suicide when it adopts a creed." Thomas Henry Huxley

    Having said this, who stands to benefit from adopting a creed concerning global climate change?

    Who stands to benefit economically and politically by muddying the scientific pond?

    My advice on all things >> "Follow the money."

    The fossil fuel industries stand to lose billions of dollars.

    They benefit economically and politically by muddying the scientific pond.

  4. Nick, sorry to hear your air conditioner is on the blink. I think global warming is real. I think there is a movie about it right now.I just hope we don't have anymore major storms like Katrina this year. That would be devastating. I think it would hurt your insurance business too, wouldn't it? I heard somewhere they spent millions on claims. That's likely to increase the costs or put them out of business right?

  5. I hope your AC gets fixed soon! GREAT POST! Very interesting & well done! :o)

  6. Oh Nick, i know what it's like to experience a Summer with the air conditioning on the blink :(

    Yes, Canberra is oozing dodo's! Hopefully next election will see a change of government, and the protocol will be ratified :o)

  7. WHOAMI123: Who is you?

    MREDDIE: With the temperatures now back into the reason 70s, Alex and I are enjoying the coolness. However, the break will supposedly only last a few days before we shoot up to the 90s again. Have you gotten the rain you need?

    BEEPBEEPITSME: I agree. The great ethical question regarding anything is: Cui bono—Who benefits? BTW, you have a neat blog.

    PEACH: I fear that not only insurance but the cost of everything is increasing due to global warming and the cost of gasoline. (I also believe there is a direct relationship between our burning fossil fuels and global warming).

    JON COX: Thank you. And thanks for visiting Nick’s Bytes. You have some neat creations on your blog.

    MICHELLE: I rather suspected there were some dodos in Canberra as there are in Washington. I just hope that our respective electorates are not dodos, too.

  8. Yes, global warming does seem important when your airconditioning is out. I understand the agony of being without airconditioning from my last place in Texas. Im just glad the temp isn't as extreme where I am now. Just remember that it will get cold again at some point and then everyone will be acting like there is no summer. Peoplw have short memories when it comes to weather.