Thursday, August 17, 2006

It Appears It Could Be a Vexing Weekend

As I inferred from my MD’s comments yesterday, the results of the x-rays and blood work were not completed by the time his office closed today. Since he’ll not be open again until Monday, I must wait until at least then for the results.

The choice is simple: worry about the tests or not worry about them. I have chosen the latter.

Of course, I have other things with which I can occupy my thoughts, such as that I still have not received my commissions on about $2,000.00 in annual premiums on polices I wrote as long ago as five weeks. My weekly commission check, which I picked up this afternoon, wasn’t even for the $249.00 that the Liberty National website said I would receive. It was for $18.00! With my utilities and mortgage payments now past due (and a cat who demands cat food to the tune of about $2.50 a day), I have a lot on my plate to consider.

There is something challenging about being an insurance agent, especially an “independent agency.” I have positive feelings about knowing that what I earn I earned on my own—and with the non-support of this insurance company for its agents, I am truly one my own.
However, the dark side of that is that when I earn something I truly expect to be paid. On the majority—80% or more—of the commissions I am due but have not received payment, the policies have already been issued and are in my hands to deliver to the insured. I have already delivered several of them for which I have yet to be paid my commission.

Well, that’s enough of my murmuring, which is a biblical word for bitching. I need to laugh at the absurdity of this situation and not dwell on it. And I have to remember that things could be worse:



  1. I won't mention the medical tests until after you get the results. I will pronounce a pox on the damned insurance company until they pay you.

  2. Hope everything turns out Ok. Is the insurance company listed with the Better Business Bur??? (don't know how to spell)

  3. hey nick well i'm back i realy hope your doing good !
    well i will try to call you later i need to go look for a job know any place?

  4. Ahh, the dreaded accounts receivable status. Good luck.

  5. WTF? you haven't received 80% of the money you've earned?!? grrrrr...I'd love to kick some insurance company's arse.

    You have an amazing sense of humor and great attitude to be able to withstand the health probs and the $$ probs all at the same time.

    I second asonofagun's pronouncing a pox on them. And I'll throw in the fleas of a thousand camels investing their armpits and groins.

  6. Those jerks. They need to be turned in to someplace, Better Business Bureau, or whatever. You deserve your money.

  7. Nicholas, what are YOU, who has earned 3+ university degrees doing working as an insurance agent, which requires at the most a high school diploma or a GED?

    There are a lot of people in this world who need your proficiency and experience, not to mention your compassion and love.


  8. I understand about not dwelling. Do the best you can, sweet Nick. I'll be sending good thoughts your way.

  9. I need to catch up a bit- i'm lost!

    What I can promise you, you have my prayers, for sure.

    Pull out the Kathy Tricolli CD's, and play Psalm 23- its a spirit lifter and will give you some peace.

    Hugs to you.

  10. Prayers all around, Nick!

    I'd be doing a lot of 'murmuring'- probably a lot of crying, too...

    But you have a great attitude!

  11. AZSONOFAGUN: Rex, don’t use the full strength of your shamanic black magic on the insurance company! I want them to pay me, not disappear into bankruptcy.

    SONSON: Thank you. The insurance company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Of course, that reflects their dealing with their customers, not their staff. There must be, however, some reason the company had me sign 3 forms agreeing not to sue then.

    CHICA: Glad your back and we could work together yesterday.

    LIMPY: I had not considered my commission as “accounts payable.” You are, of course, correct. I wonder if I should hire a collection agency to get my money? I am, after all, considered by the insurance company to be “an agency” and not an employee.

    LITTLE SISTER: That’s right: I have been an agent for Liberty National life since the last day of May and my total income has been just over $500.00. By my reckoning—which may be off a bit because I am unsure of the commission percentage on some of the policies—they owe me approximately $2,000.00 in commissions. That’s still not very much money for working 10 to 14 hour days.

    I have to keep my sense of humor to live in an absurd world. As I look back on my life, I find it much more productive to laugh at the meaninglessness and pain of many of the events than to cry about them. Of course, that doesn’t mean I haven’t shed tears. But as a theologian once told me: “first you cry, and then you can laugh.”

    Make sure the fleas hit the insurance company and not Alex; he and I have enough to deal with at the moment!

    SQUIRL: I agree; the Better Business Bureau isn’t the place. The Kentucky Insurance Commission may be, but they seem to be already aware of the situation. After all, at least seven licensed agents have quit Liberty National in nine months they have been operational in Kentucky. When I completed my examination for the health insurance agent’s license, the examiner, upon learning I was going to work for Liberty National gave me a look that said, “You poor, stupid bastard.”

    MY BEST MAN: Yes, I hear you—loud and clear. Roger, wilco, and out!

    LYNN: Thank you; I need all of the good thoughts that I can receive.

    LAWBRAT: Thank you; I need the prayers. And I listened to Kathy and the 23rd Psalm this afternoon, thanks to you and your advice. It was most heartening and calming. The hugs feel good, too.

    RHAPSODY: Thank you for the prayers. Murmuring is an excellent theological concept. There are many psalms that fall under that category; Jesus quoted one when he was nailed to that tree: “My God, my God! Why have you forsaken me?” I don’t feel forsaken yet, but the company has yet to drive nails into my hands and feet.

  12. Nick, take Mike's advice: use your education and your brains. You have tried to save too many alcholics and drug addicts in your life. You can't save this company and they will never appreciate your efforts. They will just crew you and forget you. Get out while you can.