Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Yesterday morning after I removed the C-PAP I found I couldn’t breathe well. That’s not unusual; but when an hour passed and I still could not breath I drove myself to the nearest emergency room. At the ER I was put on oxygen for several hours and given a shot (a steroid?). I was told to make an appointment with my personal physician, which I did.

Today I spent the afternoon with my MD. He took care of a few things, such a irrigating my left ear, which is now functioning again and I can hear. He also sent me to the hospital for outpatient tests: chest x-rays and blood work. I am tired of hospitals, even as an out patient.

Tomorrow I am to telephone my MD for the results of today’s x-rays and blood work. He hopes that he’ll have the results back by tomorrow afternoon, since his office won’t be open on Friday. I, too, hope he has the results tomorrow; otherwise it will be a long weekend awaiting Monday.


  1. Thinking of you Nick, hope all goes well and you have the results asap, without having to wait a whole weekend.

  2. *fingers and toes crossed*

    Medical stuff can be unnerving. Here's hoping it all comes back just fine and comes back soon. Keep us posted.

    *many huggles*


  3. Typically people with breathing difficulties are given magnesium- it opens up the little bronchial tubes. I'm just guessing, though.

    Good luck getting navigating the health care system. I'm pulling for ya.

  4. This doesn't sound good! Will be anxious to hear what the results are.

  5. Keep good thoughts, Nick. I'll be sending good vibes your way!

  6. I hope you got your results today. I also hope that everything's okay.

  7. Nick have you ever tried acupuncture? I heard it works great!

  8. Goodness, Nick, that must have been frightening, not being able to breathe properly. Hope all the tests come back just fine. Sending you crossed fingers and best wishes.
    Take care, Meow

  9. MICHELLE: Thank you.

    NATALIA: Yes, awaiting medical results is unnerving. I shall keep you posted.

    THOMAS: I don’t remember trying magnesium. I’ll get it a try.

    LYMPY: Thank you.

    LYNN: Thank you; I can use the good vibes.

    SQUIRL: I wish I had gotten the results last week; as it is, I look to Monday.

    PEACH: Yes, I am well acquainted with acupuncture; I had extensive treatments after a car accident about ten years ago and it was most beneficial.

    MEOW: Breathing has been an off-on problem for me since I was an adolescent and had my first serious attack of bronchitis. Still, it is frightening.