Thursday, August 03, 2006

It’s Cooling Off…

It’s cooling off, at least outside. At 11:45 p.m. it was 81 F outside, but it was still 87 F inside my non-functioning air conditioned house.

Alex has been dealing with the heat by an almost constant cat nap, with breaks for meals and to visit the litter box and…

occasionally shredding any pieces of paper he can reach.


  1. Glad it is cooling off outside. I think Alex has the right idea about how to deal with the heat.

  2. Cats never have a problem working too hard.

  3. lol @ what Michelle said!

    Alex is cute, even if he shreds paper.

  4. Cats do know how to handle leisure time better than humans. Hope it's cooling off a bit for you there.

  5. MICHELE: Alex will certainly shred your bills; he has more than once shredded mine.

    NINA: Today has been the coolest (?) day we’ve experienced in 2 weeks, with 88 F being the high. Still, Alex spent most of his time reclining. At the moment he is in about the same spot, but is giving himself a bath.

    LIMPY: I didn’t realize that cats ever worked at all!

    LITTLE SISTER: When Alex is more energetic, he not only shred paper, but walks across desks, pushing everything he can move onto the floor. I believe that I have, at the moment, several pens, a pair of glasses, and a business card case between the back of my desk and the wall. And… my desk is a very heavy one—very heavy and hard to move. Alex, of course, refuses to help me push the desk.

    SQUIRL: I agree. Of course, when ALL of one’s time is leisure time, a cat can become very proficient in utilizing it. Should be in 80s tonight and tomorrow; then back to the 90s on Sunday.

  6. I keep telling you to come to the desert where the night's are cool!