Saturday, August 05, 2006

A Seeker of Truth

Sometimes the shortest way to enlightenment is a simple story, which reminds me…

I went to the Buddha, told him that I was a seeker of truth, and asked for his advice.

He said to me, “If what you seek is truth, you must have one thing above all else.”

“I know,” I said, “I must have an overwhelming passion for it.”

“No,’ he replied. “If you seek truth, you must always be ready to admit that you may be wrong.”
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the nations and religions of this planet understood that?


  1. A nice ideal Nick. Maybe one day the politicians will respond to that kind of thought as often as their constituents express it.

  2. "Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened." Sir Winston Churchill

  3. PEACH: I look forward to that day, but don’t think I’ll live long enough to see it. It the meantime, I’ll follow Niebuhr’s advice and “live as if the Kingdom has already come.”

    AZSONOFAGUN: Winnie has always been one of my favorite people, although I have disagreed with some of his political actions, especially regarding Ireland.

  4. As long as they claim infallibility, they will always be in the wrong.

    I also read that the Buddha said that we must doubt. How many politicians and religions will tell you that? Well, except that you should doubt/reject anyone who isn't them.

  5. That's the main problem with religion and politics. In order for them to be, their believers must believe them to be the only one, and everything/one else is wrong, and therefore not to be trusted.

    However, can you imagine humanity without religion? How about without laws? That's the rub.

  6. Nick, that is absolutely, stunningly beautiful. I'm glad I stopped by. I bounced over from the Squirl's nest.