Monday, August 28, 2006

Monday’s Jokes Will Be Posted On Tuesday

Some really great jokes came into my email last week, both verbal and graphics. However, some other issues have priority for today’s post. Thus, I’ll post all of those jokes tomorrow. That goes for my promise to post my answers to yesterday’s post in the comments section today. As folks say in some parts of Kentucky, but not in Louisville: Y’all come back tomorrow, ya hear.

Lexington Airplane Crash

The crash yesterday of Comair 5191 at Lexington’s Bluegrass Field has sent shock waves through Kentucky. With forty-nine of the fifty aboard being killed, grief, sadness, and dismay were what most of us around here felt. Even though I personally only knew of one of the victims, the disaster took up a lot of my time yesterday.

I Am Again an Unemployed Blogger

This morning Liberty National fired D.F. and me, the last two remaining agents in Kentucky—three agents had resigned in the past three weeks. Later in the day I received a phone call from D.A. who had been my team leader. He has now been demoted to agent. Now he is the only agent remaining in the Kentucky agency—and he figures the office will close in a few days or weeks.

The worst part of it is that they are still holding all of my commissions, including those on policies I sold two months ago to state employees, for another 90 days “in case something lapses.” With the two polices I sold last week plus the two the previous week, I should have received at least $800.00 in commission next Friday. That, too, is being held for 90 days. Alex and I could certainly use that money!

Do any of you folks know of a job for an ex-golf course greensman, ex-bartender, ex-army officer, ex-social worker, ex-field officer supervisor, ex-therapist, ex-pastor, ex-division chairperson, ex-non-profit organizer, ex-insurance agent, ex-Association moderator? Oops—I am still the Association moderator, but that's a non-paid position.

I’m not worried: God always provides—even when I don’t realize it.

Before he learned that I am no longer an insurance agent, a close friend emailed me the picture below. We might as well end this post with a laugh!


  1. Remember your post from Aug. 17? Look at the comment left by YOUR BEST MAN. Would his suggestion work for you? Nick, I think you are brilliant and the sky is the limit.

  2. So sorry about the job, maybe there is something better just around the corner. ec

  3. Well, Saint Nick, I know you saw the writing on the wall. I did and I’m in AZ. With the type of shoddy operation they were running, they couldn’t last. I suppose all those other insurance agents saw it, too, and abandoned ship. I am truly glad you are no longer on board, because I think the ship’s sinking very, very fast.

  4. It's kind of mixed bag, isn't it? I've been in the position of losing a shit job with long hours and poor pay- you aren't sure if it's a blessing or a curse.

    Is there a government agency that can help you get your pay quicker? I think you need to get the ball rollingon that- I'm afraid the whole company might go down, and leave you with nothing for all your hard work.

  5. Sorry to hear about the job situation. commissioned sales is always tough, anyway. I hope things work out for you soon. I agree with Thomas, this may be a blessing in the long run.

    BTW--very cute picture!!!! :-D

  6. Nick, maybe you could get on with another insurance agency? You know the business and you have your license. Or else maybe there is a paid position in the church that has your name written all over it. Sorry to hear of your difficulty. Keep asking God to help you. You know the mysteriousness of God's ways!

  7. I kind of can't believe it-

    I agree with Lynn- you're brilliant- & Thomas- is there something that can be done to collect? & Peach- you know the mysteriousness of God's ways...

    They were lucky to have you!