Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Master & his Disciple

Once upon a time there was a seeker of enlightenment who became the disciple of a wise spiritual guide. After five years of living with this teacher and his disciples, the seeker informed them that he was ready to return to the world. The teacher did not attempt to dissuade the seeker; however, he asked that he inform him of his spiritual growth toward enlightenment.

Every month the disciple would faithfully write an account of his spiritual progress and send it to the master. After the first month he wrote: I feel an expansion of consciousness and experience my oneness with the universe. The master glanced at the epistle, shook his head, and threw it away.

The following month the disciple’s letter said: I have finally discovered that the divine is present in all things. When the master read these words, he was disappointed.

In his third letter the disciple excitedly explained: The mystery of the One and the Many has been revealed to my wondering gaze. The master yawned.

In his next letter, he wrote: No one is born, no one lives, and no one dies; for the self is not. The master threw his hands up in despair.

The next month no letter came from the disciple, or the next or the next. The months passed by without the disciple corresponding with the master until an entire year had passed. The master then decided to remind his disciple of his agreement to keep the master informed of his spiritual progress. So he wrote to him and asked him about his search for enlightenment. The disciple wrote back: Who cares?

When the master read these words, a satisfied smile spread across his face and he said to himself, Thank God! At last he’s got it!


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  2. "If you continue this simple practice every day, you will obtain some wonderful power. Before you attain it, it is something wonderful, but after you attain it, it is nothing special." ~Zen master Shrunyu Suzuki

  3. Nice story. I wish I knew what the master meant.

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  5. You know I am not into the religious aspect...but it was a good read.


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