Thursday, September 14, 2006

Remembering a Time of Leaving

After the unexpected negative comments made about yesterday’s post, I have decided to create something that I pray is less controversial for today.

Last night I discovered some old photographs of the last worship serviced I officiated as pastor of St. John United Church of Christ in Cannelton, Indiana. St. John was my first parish and I was pastor there for over eleven years.

Looking at the photographs has brought back memories—lots of memories.

Entering the sanctuary with the Rev. Jack Ulrich; St. John was his first parish after seminary, too. (Twenty years before me)

Leading my final service at St. John

Bud Litherland, who headed the search committee that called me, spoke well of my eleven year pastorate.

My Uncle John came from Louisville and also offered kinds words about my ministry.

Steve Bennett, president of the congregation, and I led a litany of blessings and shalom.

There were many good-byes.

On the steps of the church with my family and friends after the service.


  1. You're right that it is all how one frames, it, Nick...couldn't believe some of the comments on yesterday's post...yet I could believe it. The radical Muslims boil it all down to some sort of name-calling (just as radical Christians do) so they feel better and the discussion is over and they don't have to do a bloody thing to change things ('cept maybe strap on a bomb and order a latte).

    It also coincides with the comment you left on my post of 9/11, that we have get the moderates to calm the radicals down. Or rather, moderate Muslims have to calm the radical Muslims, as, I believe, Christian moderates must work to calm (or even shut the pieholes of) the radical Christians (see also, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, et al.).

    I can see 4 things about you Nick: (1)you've been a minister; (2) you've been a social worker; (3) your sun sign is Aquarius (which goes quite well with #s 1 and 2 here), an air sign (thinker/observer/thinker again) that is concerned with all humanity (this is only a sun-sign based diagnosis, and the rest of your chart has many other influences I'm unaware of, probably some planets in fire signs that make you get up and do things about what you're thinking/observing); and (4) the 3 aforemention experiences/characterists mean your brain runs 24/7 trying to figure out a means to end the madness because you care so damn much about people.

    These are both good posts, Nick. You're pretty dang cool!

  2. Okay, I have to trek down to yesterday's post. But these pictures are great. Do you miss the ministry? What did you do after you left?

  3. Well, when you talk about Israel, you're talking about politics AND relgion- that's sort of a recipe for discontent.

    Moving right along, is there a story behind the colorful stole?

  4. Hopefully good memories, all good-byes are only of a temporary nature I believe.

  5. Those are beautiful pictures Nick. Thanks for sharing them. What wonderful memories they must have brought back for you.

    I'm sorry about the comments on your previous post. Just horrible.

    God Bless You.

  6. Awww...the bittersweet goodbyes, eh? But at least we always have the memories. And pictures definitely help.

    Thanks for sharing.


  7. Looks like some pretty good personal history - memories can be a good thing. ec

  8. Those are great pics, Nick! It's really sweet of you to share them with us.

  9. You look like you were right in your element in those photos...very precious and priceless memories :o)