Sunday, November 05, 2006

Separate Tables

One of the projects that I completed while I was without a computer was to address Alex’s desire to dine only at a table. A sophisticated, urbane, and cultured cat such as he decided it is just too crude to eat from a dish on the kitchen floor. Therefore, he developed—with my unwitting assistance (with my bulk I found that placing his bowl on the table was easier than on the floor)—the practice dining only on my table.

Of course, the problem for me was that Alex soon decided that the table and whatever was on it—including my meals—belonged to him. My dining became an exercise that usually found me holding plates and bowls at arms reach from my cat, discarding the contents of glasses that had been investigated by the same paws that had recently stood in a litter box, and discovering white cat hairs floating in my tomato soup. With no computer to distract me, I had the time to solve the problem.

So I created for Alex his own, personal dining table, two feet off the floor and complete with its own place mat.

I wish I could say that I no longer share my table with Alex. However, there are times when he leaps upon it and catches me by surprise. My solution to that has been to rearrange my eating schedule so that I now dine primarily when Alex is catting around out-of-doors.


  1. It isn’t that I dislike cats, but I would be tempted to feed Alex to the dog.

  2. Wow, that's a great solution to the problem. My mother allowed the cats on the table when we ate. I don't think she could say no to them. We were constantly guarding our food.

  3. O! so good to have you back, st nick!

  4. Hello Nick ~ I like the way you solved the problem of Alex. His own table
    all to himself. Now if you can just keep him off your table, all wil be well. Hope you are feeling really well again. Glad you are back.
    Take care, Merle.

  5. We used to have a dog named Dixie. Whenever the folks were away from the house, we would set a place for the pooch right at the dining room table. It was great! It was probably so enjoyable because the folks would have just puked if they had known!

  6. That's never been a problem with my Alice. She wants to be alone when she's eating.

  7. Love the elegant dining:) He's a lucky cat...

    I'd love to have one but am very allergic.

  8. I love that you are back. I told you. I can't hug you enough :)


  9. Cute.
    My cats know better than to hop onto MY dining table.
    (she says knowing they're probably lounging there right now. lol)

  10. Goodness, that is one spoilt kitty !! What a wonderful solution, though. I must admit that my kitty likes jumping on the table, too. Aren't they naughty little things sometimes !?!?
    Take care, Meow