Thursday, December 21, 2006

What Book Am I? The Guns of August, of Course

I found this one on SilverNeurotic’s blog and just had to take it!

You're The Guns of August!

by Barbara Tuchman

Though you're interested in war, what you really want to know is what causes war. You're out to expose imperialism, militarism, and nationalism for what they really are. Nevertheless, you're always living in the past and have a hard time dealing with what's going on today. You're also far more focused on Europe than anywhere else in the world. A fitting motto for you might be "Guns do kill, but so can diplomats."

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  1. Sounds like you to me, but I have never read the book.

  2. I am Love in the Time of Cholera.

    Go figure.

  3. I came up as another of your favorite books: Hesse’s Siddhartha!

    The Guns of August taught me quite a bit: if nations are primed for war, all it takes is a spark to begin one.

  4. I came through as Catcher in the Rye:You are surrounded by phonies, and boy are you sick of them! In an ongoing struggle to search for a land without phonies, you end up running away from everything, from school to consequences. In this process, you reveal that many people in your life have suffered torments and all you really want to do is catch them as they fall. Perhaps using a baseball mitt. Your biggest fans are infamous psychotics.

    That's probably pretty accurate- although it doesn't speak very well of my friends!

  5. I'm not sure I understand the quote. It appears to be a restatement of the view that armies/generals always fight the current war with the last war's tactics, structure, etc. It seems to me that the peace crowd is also protesting the this war with the last war's mindset and view.


  6. EX-LOUISVILLE GUY: Read the book, Jim. It’s probably outdated because it talks about alliances and the balance of power. Today there is no balance of power; just us as the only superpower.

    PEACH: Yes, I think it does fit, although I hadn’t thought of it in the terms used.

    MIST1: I can’t figure it, especially since I’ve never read “Love in the Time of Cholera.”

    AZSONOFAGUN: I think that I rather identify more with “Siddhartha” than “The Guns of August.” I’m glad you do!

    THOMAS: I can see you as “Catcher in the Rye.” The “phonies” around you may not be “friends.”

    ANONYMOUS (CHARLIE): Well, Charlie, since I haven’t read The Guns of August since I was an undergrad back in the ‘60s, I really don’t remember what Tuchman meant. However, since the book was about the beginning and causes of WWI, I suspect that by "Guns do kill, but so can diplomats" she was referring to all of the intertwined alliances that drew most of the combatants into the war, without which WWI would never have happened.

  7. Very cool quiz.

    I'm The Hobbit!
    by J.R.R. Tolkien
    All you wanted was a nice cup of tea when some haggard crazy old man came into your life and told you it was time to do something with yourself. Now you're all conflicted about whether to stick with your stay-at-home lifestyle or follow this crazy person into the wild. While you're very short and a little furry, you seem to be surrounded by an even greater quantity of short folks lately. Try not to lose your ring, but keep its value in perspective!

  8. DMMGMFM: You came up with another of my favorite books!

  9. Oh, sweet, this one is perfect -- I'm an English major. I'm stealing this for my blog!

  10. my apartment has a couple pieces of furniture, a couple pets, and a couple thousand books, so i guess it's fitting that i'm at least two different titles [not to mention i'm a cute samll furry mammal too].

  11. LMAO i am Ulysses..."most of the time what you say makes no sense, and you are vulgar"!!

    Well, your book sounds like you, but seriously, do i make not much sense? Ok, i know i'm vulgar so forget that one!

  12. That was fun:

    You're Invisible Man!
    by Ralph Ellison
    Most of your life, people have either ignored you or told you that you were wrong. You've been duped, mistreated, misled, and neglected. Maybe it was because of your race, or some other uniqueness that people were quick to condemn, but now you just want to crawl into a hole and disappear. After all, nobody knows your name. But you just might speak for everyone.

  13. I came out as You're Lolita!
    by Vladimir Nabokov
    Considered by most to be depraved and immoral, you are obsessed with sex. What really tantalizes you is that which deviates from societal standards in every way, though you admit that this probably isn't the best and you're not sure what causes this desire. Nonetheless, you've done some pretty nefarious things in your life, and probably gotten caught for them. The names have been changed, but the problems are real. Please stay away from children.

  14. Seasons Grretings

    I am To Kill a Mockingbird!
    by Harper Lee

    Perceived as a revolutionary and groundbreaking person, you have changed the minds of many people. While questioning the authority around you, you've also taken a significant amount of flack. But you've had the admirable guts to persevere. There's a weird guy in the neighborhood using dubious means to protect you, but you're pretty sure it's worth it in the end. In the end, it remains unclear to you whether finches and mockingbirds get along in real life.