Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sunday's Blessings

Number 2 son, Rob, took me to dinner this evening and then shopping for food for Alex and me. Alex and I are most appreciative.

For the past several days I have been feeding Alex chicken that came in a box of food from a church near my Mom’s house. At first the cat who owns me was exultant with the chicken. However, this morning after I cooked his breakfast and cut the chicken into cat-sized bites, he let me know he was tired of it. He made his displeasure known by pushing his dinner dish off his cat dining table onto the floor. The ceramic dish broke, so Alex is now dining off of a tea cup saucer. He is ecstatic with his dinner of dry cat food to the point that he has demanded—and received—two additional servings.

I deeply appreciate Rob’s help as well as all of the comments my Blogger and blog-reading friends have left on my resent posts, as well as the emails I’ve received and the many offers of assistance. That said with sincerity, I feel as if my life has turned 180 degrees: for the past (almost) 61 years I have been the one to give to and serve others, not the one receiving and being served by others. The situation is a difficult one to accept and I continued my search for paid employment. (I sent out another 14 resumes yesterday and today).

I have continued talking with my mom is the rehab center. Her disposition varies greatly from day to day. One day she speaks hopefully of returning to Louisville and her own home; the next she speaks only of the pain she experiences from the three pinched nerves in her spine, which she has had for many years.

Mom also speaks sadly of the death of her dear friend and neighbor, Harriet, who died last week. Neither Mom nor I could attend the funeral—Mom because the nursing home is 50 miles away and me because I lack the gasoline. So, Mom asked me to create a card to send to Harriet’s sister, Betty, who shared her house. I did:


  1. The card is absolutely beautiful Nick. I'm sure it will give her great comfort.

    I am so happy to hear that things are a bit better. You and Alex have been in my thoughts and prayers all week.

    I know you are used to giving, rather than receiving and it is difficult for you to accept assistance. Please remember the satisfaction you felt during your many years of giving and service and know that those who are helping you now are feeling that same contentment.

  2. Son #2 sounds lovely. You have done well.

    You will get a job. Just stick with it. Good things come to those who wait.

    I'm sorry to hear about Harriet... she is in a better place now. Your mum and Harriet will meet again.


  3. Nick, that card is very beautiful. I'm sure Betty will deeply appreciate it.

    It IS hard to accept the help and support of others, isn't it? (I understand. Big Time Understand)

  4. "A bone to the dog is not charity. Charity is the bone shared with the dog, when you are just as hungry as the dog." Jack London

  5. Nick,
    I'm catching up with you today, and boy do I need to catch up.

    With all you're going through, to be so supportive of me, and helpful with your words that give me comfort, you have given me alot. More than you could know in this life.

    The card you made is just beautiful. I welled with tears at the love and thought that went into it, and how much caring and giving you do have in you- your words give, your thoughtfulness of others. Finances are just a thing.

    Ever watch Suze Orman? People first, then money, then things- thats her saying. You are the richest man I know.

  6. Have you ever thought about a Paypal button? I know you're in the habit of giving, rather than receiving. But you could just think of it as something to help a bit until you get your next job.

  7. I am sure it is frustrating just as I am sure things will be better soon. All my positive thoughts coming your way!!