Friday, March 16, 2007

Green Beer?

I feel like venting about spending today on the phone and getting nowhere regarding foreclosure on my home, my pension, etc. Well, I did get somewhere: I learned that my pension can’t be processed until I send a copy of my divorce decree and that I need an extension with the court on the foreclosure but no one in the Circuit Court office knew how to process it. Also, the therapist I’ve been seeing the past two weeks canceled this afternoon’s appointment three minutes before it was supposed to begin.

I did vent to Doug about my frustrations and he suggested that perhaps everyone is out drinking green beer a day early in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. I suppose that’s possible. Or, it may be that it is a normal Friday and everyone I have needed to reach shuts down at noon.

Since I am isolated here at my Mom’s house, I’ll not be drinking any green beer. But I do wish everyone a happy and blessed
St. Paddy’s Day!


  1. Nick, go ahead and vent. You certainly have reason to! I am sorry that you are having such a difficult time. On the up side, is there anything you are learning from all of this?

  2. Well...maybe its a blessing you are spared the green beer. Ick. I've never understood why anyone would drink that!

  3. If you decide you want green beer, I'm spending the day at the Irish Rover on Frankfort, down the street from your house.

  4. I hope you do get a chance to have a green beer! I wonder if it's really fair to die-hard Irish Catholics that St Paddy's day comes in the middle of Lent. But, then again, what respectable Irishman/woman would give up beer for Lent? :P

  5. Green beer! that's the first time i heard of soon as i read ur post, i googled it out...

    it's absolutely fine to vent out your frustations..all of us need a sounding board at one time or another..hope good things happen to u soon!


  6. They want your divorce papers to get your pension? That doesn't make sense . Have a fun Saint Patrick's Day!

  7. I'm with Chinagirl... I don't see the connection.

    (sings) Cheer up Charlie. I'll be your friend.


  8. Nick, please contact a mortage broker or other financial professional about your home. If you have equity, there may be a way to save the place. Find out if it's possible. Sometimes a clever enough person can set up something that is unusual, but workable. One possible thing to ask about: Can you get a reverse mortgage and use the proceeds to bail out loan #1? Ask around town and do it quickly. Every town has very clever financial magic-makers and they are usually a well kept secret, so ask EVERYONE. Just excercise care and make sure you that you are not dealing with a shady person and that you understand all the details of what you are agreeing to, even if you have to ask many, many questions. If you can't find someone quickly, please contact me. Maybe my favorite financial magic-maker can help you.

  9. No green beer? Hey, Saint, I know you're part Irish but I also know you much prefer wine to beer. Maybe you can find some green wine? Remember the terrible grass wine that Judge Friske shared with us about 30 years ago? No, I don't recommend that!

    Find some way to celebrate your Celtic heritage!

  10. Hope you have a good day, Nick. Stay warm... have a drink.. try not to let all the phone calls and stuff get you down too much.. it's saturday now, and places are shut anyway today, more'n likely. /sigh I *do* sympathize with you when it comes to trying to sort things out though.. over the last few months, I've become quite the expert on playing phone tag! lol

    Take care.. nice of you to pop over to my place.. have missed you over there. (((a hug for you)))

  11. I'm so sorry for how all this sucks for you. Wish it weren't so....but I have no advice. Since you're a social worker/minister, you probably do know all the ins and outs about stuff...and I wish you weren't stuck with the outs right now. bah.

    If it helps, I can't even do the green beer thing, as alcohol and pain killers are not just a bad but also a possibly deadly mix, so I'll raise a cup of green tea to you and pray things get better for you very very soon.

    lil sis

  12. If you are so broke, how can you afford DSL at home, cigarettes, a cell phone, a therapist, etc, etc??? I am sorry things are so bad for you but sometimes we all have to do without luxuries to pay for the most important things. I am an ex-smoker so I do know what it is like to quit. The only reason you might have to provide a copy of your divorce decree is if your ex-wife is going to receive part of your pension. Is that the case?
    Anyway, good luck to you and God Bless