Thursday, March 15, 2007

Self Portrait

Above is a picture I snapped of myself last night. It isn't "pretty." I seem to have aged quite a bit over the past few months. (See the picture to the left, that was taken about a year or so ago, for comparison).

This morning Doug, my pastor and friend, took me to the Association Ministerium meeting. It was the first I have attended since last year: the cost of gasoline plus my melancholia has kept me isolated from my clergy peers. It was wonderful to see and talk with old friends; yet, I fear that, just as my family avoids me because I "depress" them, I may not have been my usual jovial self. I did share with one pastor a shorted story of the 1970 tank accident as an explanation for the walking stick that now supports my left leg. My telling of the experience was not as humorous as it was in my blog posts.

Another pastor told me how much he appreciates my UCC on the Net blog. I have not updated it since I was forced from my house. This dial-up connection is so tedious compared to the DSL I have at home!

After the meeting Doug took me by my house to pick up the mail and visit Alex. My friend was in the house this time: it is cold and raining out of doors and I'm glad Alex decided to stay inside. Of course, Alex was out of food and circled around me, leading me to his dining table. I gave him four packets of his favorite wet food and filled up the mixing bowl (that he had pushed off his table) with dry food. Alex ate the entire time I was in the house.

The mail at my house contained a blessing from a fellow blogger, but nothing regarding my applications for SSI, Social Security, or my pension. "Patience," I say to myself. "Patience!"


  1. I thought about the orange shirt after the photo was taken. The U.S. hasn't yet gone back to having debtors' prisons, have we?

  2. I'm glad you saw your friends, especially Alex.

  3. Did you get my letter yet? I'm not sure how long it takes to get mail to Louisville.

    Good luck on getting your money squared away.

  4. SQUIRL: Your letter was in the mail I picked up from the house today. My sincere thanks. It is the blessing I spoke of in today's blog post.

  5. I can't believe that it is still not sorted. You know, if something like that happened here it would be on the news by now. The Aussies are huge on stopping government bodies from preventing quality of life. Hang in there Nick.


  6. Oh Nick, I really feel for you. Forget the patience, it's the squeaky wheels that get the attention, start making some noise and harassing the social services. You deserve better than this crap.

    I'm so glad Alex is still there waiting for you. Pets are just so faithful, aren't they?

    All the best and hopefully you will be back home with Alex before too long.

    Another thing, Nick. You can't "make" other people depressed. Their reactions and feelings are their own responsibility. You're just who you are, how they respond is their choice.

    Big Hug


  7. I just read your "The Rogue's Tale." Great writing! I hope you finish the book and I can read it.

  8. Welcome to the wonderful world of dial up lol glad to see you posting agian!

  9. This year does seem to have taken a huge toll on you.Can I confess here? Though I think the blog is an awesome way to deal with catharsis it still isn't real, not as much as the real world out there is.

    Hope things sort out for you soon and for the better.May be patience will helo may be fighting for what you deserve is the way to go now.Good luck and best wishes.

  10. I'm so glad you are at least able to post something Nick. I hope and pray that your pension gets sorted out soon! Hugs!!

  11. It's not really fair to compare the two photos. Photo #2 is taken from slightly below, so we're looking right up your nose- that's not the most flattering position for anybody. :o)

    I hope you get this sorted out soon. I miss your comments!

  12. Things will get better. I have faith.

  13. Maybe you've aged...but you would have aged anyway...maybe you look unhealthy...but when the stress comes will see that you return to your old (pardon the pun) self again.

    prayers your way.

  14. You're still quite the cute guy....maybe recent events make you look sad, but the look doesn't make you less cute.

    Glad you got to see Alex! He's a friend to the end no matter how things get. And, since you were meeting with clergy, I certainly hope they aren't avoiding you because things are all cheery for you. Sometimes friends have bad times, and believe it or not, THAT'S when we need to be closer to them, not avoiding them! I have a couple close friends who like to avoid people when they're not having their best days, so I call and leave messages saying I understand they might not feel like talking, but I'm still available when they do feel like talking.

    We're thinking of you, and so is God....hope this all makes you feel better (mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually) sooner than later!

    lil sis

  15. Hi Nick ~~ I am with Robyn (Puss in
    Boots), start making noise and see if you can get some help sooner. Give
    patience the flick and tell "them"
    your needs over and over. Maybe tha will help. There must be some way to assist you. It is so sad that your family feel you depress them, where is their compassion?The current
    circumstances would depress anyone.
    Thanks for the St.Pat's Day wishes.
    Take care my friend, Regards, Merle.