Thursday, March 08, 2007

Update & a New Friend

I want to go home. I miss Alex. What bothers me the most is that I need not have been in the position. When money became tight and employment seemed to be less and less a possibility, I applied to receive my pension/retirement annuity. According to the "rules," I couldn't receive it until I passed my 61st birthday, which meant that the first payment should have come now, in March.

When Louisville Gas and Electric wouldn't accept the partial payment I made and cut off my utilities, I thought that I would have the money to pay them by now. But no check came.from my pension. Last week I contacted the Pension Board of the United Church of Christ and learned that they had never received my authorization to begin the annuity payments. I had trusted another person to mail it for me, which he evidently didn't do. I have received a new set of forms from the pension boards, but that means I will not receive the first check until April.

Tomorrow I have made arrangements to visit and feed Alex. I really look forward to seeing and hugging my little furball. In the meantime, I have a new friend living in my mother's back yard. She has made a nest in the yard and I watch her from the kitchen window:


  1. Hi Nick, kinda catching up...I hope your check thing gets straightened out really soon. And your critter is so cute!!

  2. If it was a planner that was supposed to email the annuity forms, he can get the application back-dated and you can have a cheque within the week... or was it just a friend?

  3. Nick I wish WISH I could help you. Whoever didn't send you papers should feel ashamed, very very ashamed. My gramma would say "this too shall pass" right about now but my daddy would say "go kick that jerk's butt!!!" I'm sorry, I'm with my dad on this one. Your new friend is SO adorable!!! I wish I could give her a piece of juicy lettuce right now :) did you know that bunnies actually like lettuce more than carrots? Be well dear Nick. Smooch Alex for me when you see him.

  4. Nick, what a charming little friend you have. Things will continuely get better. There is no direction but upwards! Sometimes a change of scenery and dwellings can give us new insight. I hope this is the case for you and it works in your favor. Keep the faith.

  5. Hey Nick

    Love your new friend. I'm positive Alex misses you too, his big furball.

  6. I bet anything the people who were suppose to recive the papers lost them, and just said they never got them. That's usually how it is.

    Take care of yourself.

  7. That just stinks about your paperwork. I hope things come together soon for you.

    I looooove the bunny picture.

  8. Your new friend is beautiful Nick. I'm so glad you were able to post again today. I've missed you so much. I am praying that all will be well for you very soon.

    Please give Alex a hug for me tomorrow.

  9. Nick....hope things get better once your pension check starts coming. My wishes and prayers are with you.
    Take care :-)

  10. Oh Nick, I'm so upset that you have been put in this position by someone with so little sense of responsibility. And poor Alex without you there. I am, I'm quite upset about the whole thing.

    I hope you can get back home real soon.


  11. Hi Nick-

    I'm sure this is a trying time for Alex, too. I hope things return to normal for you both soon!

  12. dang, this sucks. I wish I had a job or at least had been well enough to apply for jobs so I could get unemployment benefits and then would send you cash.

    I can't see the picture (I love this iBook, but some things don't translate), but apparently, it's a bunny. A good sign I hope, and I'm glad that at least you can stay at your mom's house for the electricity.

    I hope you and Alex are living on the same real estate soon! (with electricity and gas, of course!)

  13. Your postman doesn't come to your house? Is that why you had to depend on someone else to mail things for you?