Sunday, June 10, 2007

Alex: Night & Day

Alex's Night

Alex's Day

If you look closely at the above pic, you’ll see one the seldom photographed black spots that Alex has on both of his hind legs.


  1. Alex is way cute. I like the guy he owns, too.

  2. Hi Nick ~~ Don't tell me you were out at 3 am again taking photos of Alex?
    The black spot is interesting on his back leg. Guess you two are happy together again.
    Thanks for the comments about the storms in New South Wales. They have
    eased but there are floods now to contend with. People who have been evacuated will find heartbreak when they finally get back home.
    Take care, Nick, Regards, Merle.

  3. You might like this site: Mr. Lee's Cat Cam. A german dude was curious about where his cat went during the day, so he strapped a camera to his collar to document his day. (There are a lot of pictures taken under cars.)

  4. He's a beauty. I love cats. My cat, Muffin, owns me too. He also may run in the upcoming election.

  5. I love it when you put up pictures of Alex. If I had a cat, I would want one just like him.

  6. My six don't go outside, but they do sleep all day and party all night. Little stinkers.

    Glad you and Alex are back together again.


  7. Ahh, such a hard life.

  8. Isn't that just a typical cat? Out pussyfooting all night and snoozing all day.

    Lovely photos, Nick. It's so good to see you blogging again and to know that you and Alex are a twosome once more.

    Take care.

  9. He's purrr-ty as a picture, Nick -

    & you two pals are indeed purr-fect together:)

  10. I have yet to describe what I would prefer, a dog’s life or a cat’s life.

  11. Day and night, pretty much the same for Alex. ;-)

  12. It is so wonderful to have a pet to love.

  13. Well, they say cats are nocturnal creatures. If my Bambi had half a chance, she would be out gallivanting all night. Forunately, the rules are changine here in Australia. The majority of local councils ban cats outside at night. Not a bad thing really, there are so many evil kitties in the area ... at least Bambi is safe at night.
    It is wonderful that you and Alex are together and happy again. I love it when you share pics and stories of him ... he is a beautiful cat.
    Take care, Meow