Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Schmooze Awards!


Variant: or shmooze \‚shmüz\

Function: intransitive verb

Etymology: Yiddish shmuesn, from schmues talk, from Hebrew sh,mu'‹th news, rumor

Date: 1897

: to converse informally : chat

I’m sitting at my desk trying of navigate the Internet with this damnably slow dial-up connection, sharing cheese with Alex (the lazy cat is sitting beside the computer on my desk and demands that I not only break the cheese into cat-sized bytes—or is that bites— but place it on the desk directly in front of him so that he only has to dip his head to eat it), and trying to nominate five bloggers to receive the Schmooze Award.

I have received two (2) Schmooze Awards: one from Merle and one from SilverNeurotic. (I am either very blessed or one hell of a schmoozer!)Now I have the opportunity to present the award to others. And that is where the rub is.

Before I present the award I want to check the blogs of those I nominate. The Schmooze Award has been moving around my circle of bloggers so fast that I am not sure who has received it and who has not. Unfortunately, my damnably slow dial-up connection keeps taking me off-line before I can load blogs! (Alex has now deserted me for the top of my printer: the cheese is gone and thus the cat has left my side for a nap). At the rate I am going, I’ll not be able to publish this and list the awards for days!

Well, it didn’t take days, only waiting until after midnight to obtain a descent connection! I have now checked all of the bogs below and, as of this moment, none have received a Schmoozer Award. I therefore pass one on to each, so that they may be universally recognized Schmoozers!

Mr. Eddie, author of Blueberry Patch blog, because reading his words is rather like having a conversation with a good neighbor.

Natalia, author of the blog I Moved Your Cheese, Moron, who loves comments to her bog and Snoopy dancing.

Squirl, author of Squirl’s Nest, because she is, well, Squirl.

Susie, author of the blog What Was I Thinking, because I give a rat’s ass for her.

Thomas, author of Living Next Door to Alice, because he offers a variety of insights into our world and because he and I have generally compatible philosophies.

Now each of these Schmoozers may copy and display the Award Emblem at the top of this page and pass the award on to five bloggers who, in their view, have the gift of schmooze.

Oh! I was considering nominating Alex for the schmooze award; however, he isn’t an official Blogger and, hopefully, nothing he has written while walking or sitting on my keyboard well ever make it into a blog!


  1. Thank you Nick! This is the first award I've won since being named Employee of the Month at Sears in 1980!

    I'm on dial-up,too. I'm using Opera with the pictures turned off, and things load much much faster. If you prefer Firefox, they have a add-on called "Imglikeopera" that lets you turn the pictures off. (You can right-click to load the ones you do want to see.)

  2. Congratulations Nick and to all to whom you have given the award.

    As I look at that logo, I suggest that “Blogging Community Involvement Award” sounds much more sophisticated that “Schmooze Award!”

  3. Thanks, Nick! Now I have to find five other deserving bloggers.

    Sorry, my site is probably one that takes forever to download. Kinda photo heavy.

  4. Oh yaay oh yaay oh yaay

    *snoopydance of celebration*

    I am a wiener!!!!! :)

    Thanks, Nick!


  5. Hi Nick ~~ I see you have got your choices up and I agree with Angus that "Blogging Community Involvement
    award sounds a better name.
    Thanks for your comments and answers to my questions. I must find more of
    Rev. Niebuhr's writings - if I ever have some spare time. Glad you liked my dancing pair. Take care Nick,
    Regards, Merle.

  6. Congratulations to one and all!

  7. I love that photo of Alex! He's so adorable. Congrats on the award, Nick. You deserve it.


  8. Congratulations. I know Mr. Eddie and Thomas. I'll check out the rest.

    No high speed yet huh? Bummer.

  9. Congrats, Nick, and thank you! I surely can do some chatting, actually moreso online than IRL; I'm kinda quiet in person. Now, I will soon find someone who knows how to put awards and such on wordpress.

  10. Wonderful! However, I, too, like the title Blogging Community Involvement Award much more than Schmooze Award.

  11. I always appreciate a picture of Alex.


  12. Thanks much for your blessing and I will proudly display it if I can figure out how. :) ec

  13. I appreciate the way in which you incorporated the presentation of the Schmooze Awards (I, too, prefer the formal name) with the story of Alex. If I remember correctly what you taught me about writing sermons, you were "weaving." weren't you?