Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What's a Cat to Do?

What’s a cat to do after being released from the portable prison that carried him to and from his vet?

Harass the dog next door…

from on the deck and behind the safety of the fence separating the yards, of course.

Then meander into the house and nap on the cool floor of the laundry room.

At the Animal Hospital we found that Alex has gained a smidgen of weight, which is better that when he was losing weight. The damage he is doing to his coat is no worse and the vet found no new spots where Alex had broken the skin. There is still no diagnosis for what’s going on with Alex. The vet gave him another cortisone shot and we have an appointment to return in three weeks.


  1. So Alex is no worse and a bit better? Still no diagnosis? His illness doesn’t seem to affect him too much.

    That’s a handsome dog Alex harasses.

  2. Oooh, Alex likes living dangerously! Glad he's no worse and hopefully the cortisone will do the trick.

  3. Poor kittie... I remember my baby when we got her from the vet... she'd just give us this offended look that seemed to be saying "I know it's for my own good, but trust me, when you least expect it, I'm going to shred your Gucci suit".

    Oh, and she did...!


  4. I'm glad he is gaining some weight.


  5. Hi Nick ~~ I am glad Alex is a little better and I hope it is cooler for you both. Enjoyed the jokes as usual.
    Thanks for your comments. I really love the phrase "Too blessed to be Stressed." Glad you like it too.
    Take great care Nick, Regards, Merle.

  6. I've gained more than a smidgen. Good for Alex! Hoorah.

    He's so courageous.


  7. Napping on a cool floor doesn't sound half bad these hot days we have been having. ec

  8. Sounds like Alex is healing, especially if he's messing with the dog next door.

  9. Awww little cutie pie bully! I hope he gets all better. At least he seems in good spirits.


  10. You know, I was thinking that perhaps Alex is just having trouble adjusting to all those changes, having you away...then going to live with someone new, and then having you back. Perhaps its just psychological and it'll stop on it's own when Alex begins to feel secure again.