Tuesday, August 07, 2007


I told myself I wasn’t going to complain about the weather. Right! I also told myself about forty years ago that before I retired I would own (1) a Mont Blanc fountain pen, (2) a Rolex timepiece, and (2) a Jaguar motor vehicle. Of those three, uh, goals, I only own the first (and least expensive).

Of course, all of that was back in my youthful materialistic stage. I wonder: as an American can I really ever escape materialism and remain in this society? As the King sang to Anna in The King and I, ‘Tis a puzzlement.

OK, back to my subject: HEAT!

Here in Louisville (as in many other parts of the northern hemisphere) we are under a severe heat warning that may last another week or longer. It is almost midnight here and the outside temperature remains over 90 F and inside my house it is almost the same. The high temps in the coming days are forecast to be near or above 100 F.

Because of the heat, neither Alex nor I have been very active today. We both are seeking ways to cool off (sorry I can show no photos of me; Alex has yet to learn to use the camera):

The best photograph of our trying to stay cool may never be taken. It would be one of me in a cold water filled bathtub, relaxing and trying to read book, with Alex curled up on my chest napping. He has done this four times in the past four days and now follows me every time I go into the bathroom on the chance that I may again climb into the tub.


  1. Trust Alex. He will always find the coolest spot to rest.

  2. It feels like 100+ right now in Orlando. I think I might be done... take me out of the over, please... someone???!


  3. Every time we have a mild winter you hear people saying "Global warming is great! Ha ha!" They forget that summers are going to be hotter, too.

  4. Yes it has been just a bit steamy up here in Michigan too. I can not remember seeing so many days above 90 and at least a few that either hit 100 or where close. Why one year all of Michigan only hit 90 maybe twice and where I live never did hit 90. Thanks goodness for a room air conditioner and boy am I going to hate my electric bill.

    Now as far as Alex and you and the tub, amazing. When I used live with my parents we had a cat. She would only go in the bathtub when there was no water in it. She made the unfortunate mistake of jumping in there a few times when there was a little water in the bottom and wow, she turned into a rocket as she bolted out of there. But I guess desperate times calls for desperate measures.

  5. I saw a Jaguar by the side of the road. You could probably get that one pretty cheap.

  6. Lawd, I hear ya!! - serrrrrious dog days of August, gah.

    Keep cool. Ice helps. lol

  7. Hey, I bitch about the weather 24/7 - what else is there to do in this freaking armpit of the world? LOL

    Oh, and while on the topic - great, sunny day this morning... and I ended up swimming home... global warming - not just for Al Gore anymore! ;)

  8. I've gotten so I hate the heat. I groan when the weatherman says 80!

    We've had our hottest summer in Missoula since they started recording such things. I have the weather for Yellowknife bookmarked. I daydream about moving there.

  9. I love this heat. But then I again, I have air conditioner. Can you imagine what people did before???

    That second pic of Alex is my favorite.

  10. take care of yourself and that cat of yours.

  11. ` Wow! If you want, I can take a picture of both you and Alex ;) Ooh yeah baby!

    ` <<

    ` >>

    ` ^^ heh.

    ` *quick subject change*
    ` Speaking of cats....

  12. Alex on the tile floor ought to have been cool for him. I know what you mean about the heat, it was 99 here Mon, 101 Tue and it was supposed to be 104 today. I just find things to do in the coolest place I can. ec

  13. I'm amazed that Alex will tolerate must be THAT hot in Louisville. My heart goes out to you and your master.

    My spoiled rotten Czar Aleks doesn't know what heat really is - just that the air is very uncomfortable near the occasionally open kitchen door, and he just KNOWS not to go out into it.

    Sending ice cold blessings your way ;)

  14. Re your ruminations on materialism: Your library (I note a book called "Die Broke"?) and that cigarette between the boards on your desk are very interesting. ;)

    and why do you discuss materialism like it's a BAD thing? hehehe...

  15. I almost missed this one.

    I hope Alex and you are doing OK. My relatives in Louisville tell me that numerous people have been hospitalized due to the heat.

  16. Hi Nick ~~ I am so sorry that both you and Alex are feeling the heat so much. Can you sleep during the worst of it and move about early in the day and later in the evening? I hate the very hot nights more than the days.
    We don't have high humidity here, that's a killer. Thank you for your comments and also for your blessings and prayers for my grandson Joh. He will be feeling a bit lost and lonesome I guess, but is not afraid of hard work, so should get used to it. You take great care of YOU, Regards, Merle.

  17. I carry a little spray bottle of (holy:) water with me for quick cool-downs when I get overheated...

    Pardon me, but are those 'Dummie' books on your bookshelf (behind Alex in the one pic)? The black & yellow colors kind of remind me of them...?