Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Alex Poll Is Closed

The poll to determine whether or not to allow Alex to become a blogger is closed. The results are:

Alex should be allowed to post periodically to Nick's Bytes = 12

Alex should be given his own blog = 14

Alex should be banned from blogging = 7

So Alex, the feline who owns me, will soon take up his roll as a full fledged blogger, with his own blog. Even before the poll was over, he negotiated with fellow blogger and artist, S. E. E. Quine, to draw a picture of the egotistical cat that he can use as a logo. Here is a preliminary sketch of Ms. Quine’s design:

Earlier today Alex was dreaming of his new blog and his first post.

At the moment, the frisky feline is outside scampering around and spreading the news to all of his feline buddies. Before he scampered out the door, Alex asked that I ask you to suggest a name for his blog. Any ideas?

Remember September 27th



  1. He'll need his own computer now that he's a blogger.

    Blog name: "Mewsbrief".

    If you want some ideas for non-human blog topics, you can check out my "other" blog on Myspace: (My blogspot blog won't help at all, unless you want to know all the secrets of the Universe.)

  2. Poor Alex. Now he’ll be slaving all day over his blog and won’t have any time to play!

    How about “Alex’s Bytes” for the name of his blog? You already have Nick’s Bytes and if you get a hamster as a pet (and Alex does not eat it) you can have a blog called Hamster’s Bytes.


  3. Ooo both of those are so very clever!

    Can't wait!

  4. Hello, Sometimes!
    Work fantastic! Thank you.
    Have a good week.

  5. Possibly "Silly Human Tricks" or "Cat's Rule, Humans Drool" or "Everything Alex" or "The Adventures of King Alex". I don't know but it should be fun. I don't think Alex will want to put that much effort into posting. I mean other than wanting to be inside when he is outside and outside when he is inside, doesn't he sleep most of the time?

  6. ooo. ooo. consumer testing of catnip!

  7. That is a good drawing of Alex. I look forward to the cat's blogging. Perhaps his blog could be named "Furball's Funnies," for he is a funny cat.

  8. Congratulations, Alex. For a blog name, what about “The Fantastic Mr. Alex’s Lucubration on the Elegant Feline Life.”

  9. Daily Mews?
    I haven't visited here before but I have enjoyed my stay so far. I do enjoy stumbling a cross a new and enjoyable blog so thanks for that!

  10. Maybe....

    "Alexicon" with a subtitle of some sort.:-p


  11. That is a very nice drawing of your cute kitty.

  12. I shall look forward to the launch of Alex's blog. Have a great weekend both of you!

  13. I came over from Lynn's place. I was simply going to say thank you for calling her Braveheart and then I see the stop the abuse sign and then I see your cute kitty! So, intead I'm saying "Hi Nick, nice to meetcha!" oh and uh, "I love that you called my friend Lynn Braveheart!"

  14. Congratulations to Alex!! I was one of the 14 votes for his own blog.

  15. Go Alex, its yur blog birfday!

    I like the first name: Mewsbrief

    That is way cool!

  16. Alex looks dignified with a bow tie.

    How about "Furball's Hairballs"

  17. I would suggest "Of Mice And Men", but I think that's been taken.

  18. I love Mewsbrief. Cracked me up when I read it.

  19. I hope THIS poll isn't closed. I think you should call it, "Smart Alex". It would be so cool since he's a cool cat with plenty of attitude.

    Hi, Traci! Love you!

  20. ` 'Smart Alex'... dat is funny. Good to catch up on posts I've missed. Like the one with the drawing I DID!