Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fantastic Weather for the Furball and his Human + a Poll

Here in Louisville we’ve been in what Alex and I consider a “cold spell” for the past couple of days. When we awakened this morning, the outside temperature was 69 F; better still, the temperature inside our air conditionless house was 72 F. In behavioral terms that means that it’s cool enough that Alex is back in bed snuggling with me and we’ve had to cover up with a comforter. [Again, I wish there were another human around here who could have snapped a photo of the furball and me beneath the comforter this morning; with just his nose, eyes, and ears exposed as Alex sniggled in my arm, I’m sure it would have been a fantastic photograph].

Another indication of a change for the better in the weather is that, while I was out running long postponed errands today, then furball was catting around outside—for about six hours he was catting around. When I returned (with 48 servings of his favorite cat food, which may last a day or so) I called him from the front door. No Alex. So I opened the back door and went out on the deck and again screamed his name. From a distance I heard his respond “meow” and my acrobatic cat leaped on the deck and headed straight for his feeding bowel, looking over his shoulder to be sure that his human was following.

When I caught up with him, I presented a package of his preferred cat food, he leaped onto the table and awaited my opening the package to confirm it was his choice for dinner, and they began gobbling the food even before all of it was emptied into his dish. Meanwhile, I put away my other purchases and had just flopped into a chair to relax when the furball clawed my sore leg. “Now what do you want?” I asked. He avoided by trying to scoop him up to be petted and headed for the back door. Yep, he is now again outside catting around—and harassing the dog who lives next door. The weather really has changed for the better!

Alex a Blogger?

There are many more Alex stories I could share, but the hairball has informed me that he wants to tell them to you. With such a positive response to Alex’s one blog post, he demands that I ask you these questions:

1. Should I periodically allow the furball to write a post for Nick’s Bytes, or

2. Should I allow Alex to create his own blog, or

3. Should I ban the cat from using my computer and deny him both.

Since I do not want to make that decision, I have used the neat blogger tool to create a poll that is located at the top of the side bar of this blog. Please vote for your choice and I shall so inform you and the cat who owns me of the results.


  1. I think Alex could have his own blog if he wants. He seems to have a lot to write about... Just try not to let him step on the keyboard while YOU're blogging. LOL.

  2. So happy for the cool weather for Alex and you. I vote for Alex being a full-fledged blogger. He's a better writer than I could ever be.

  3. I'm glad it cooled down for you guys. I know my mother got to really hate the hot weather, it made it so hard for her to breathe. And how nice that Alex is cuddling again.

    Now I need to go vote.

  4. All the dogs wanted to do today was go outside too. If I didn't have so much housework I would have joined them.

  5. I was gonna cheat and vote twice, but I see that I cannot do that on the poll. I was going to vote for option 1 & 2, because either one would be great. Just don't pick #3, please. Nope. That would be bad.

  6. Don't let him blog, he will take over!! :) ec

  7. Good! Autumn is finally arriving in Kentucky!

    Go ahead and let Alex blog, but be careful. I remember that one of the commenters on his blog entry wrote that Alex writes better than you do, Rev Saint!

  8. Hi Nick ~~ I agree with Mr Eddie -he
    would get rid of you and take over.
    I am so glad that the weather has
    been cooler for both of you. Thanks for your comments. ~ I thought after I had posted that item about the dudes in black so soon after 9/11 and the fact that there are weirdos
    around us more these days. They sure
    reduced the congregation. Take care,
    Nick. Kind regards, Merle.

  9. That is a cute photo of Alex all tucked in. He's handsome. I bet both of you snuggling are adorable.
    It's cool that he comes when you call him.

  10. ` Yeah! A cat blogger! I vote for that! (Oh yeah, and I could draw a piksher if you like!!!)

  11. Sounds like Alex is as glad to see cooler weather as you must be.
    btw, when I first saw Alex I thought he looked familiar and today I realised why when I saw one of my neighbour's cats that looks just like Alex except the black marking is on the other ear.

  12. Either you're posting too often or I'm not visiting enough!

    Sorry not enough time in the day.

    I voted though.

  13. Of course allow Alex to blog! I enjoyed his post. Just don’t allow Alex’s blogging to take away from your blogger. I enjoy your words more than Alex’s.