Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September 11th—Thoughts & Memories

It began with a telephone call from my mother: Turn on your TV. And I turned on my TV just before the second plane struck. In front of the TV: that’s pretty much where I remained—in shock and tears and horror—for hours.~ Sometimes Saintly Nick


Daryl Cagle,

Jeff Parker, Florida Today.

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  1. I tend to think of the first picture but how appropriate to remember both.

  2. Hi Nick ~~ I prefer the first picture also. Thanks for your comments.
    Take care, Kind regards, Merle.

  3. Even though 9/11 was a terrible and shocking event, I do feel it helped to bring people together again...maybe just based on the association of it all....but we were there, whether it be watching on the tv, in new york at the time, or even in a different country.

    It's not just the americans that felt the impact of this day. Even my husband remembers it clearly, the day, where he was at, and he is british!

    I was in my Sophomore year at University, sleeping..Then my roomie at the time, bursted in the room from her morning class, returning early, and said, "AMERICA IS UNDER ATTACK!" I was like, wha?

    We turned on my tv, watched in terror at the live footage, I called my dad,and while we were talking we both witnessed on the tele the second plane hitting the tower. I then asked my dad,'Was that a replay?' My dad said, "No Jen. It just hit the other tower.:":-{

    I went to my first class, was there for 20 minutes with my meteorology professor freaking out, spouting conspiracies, and then sent us back home to our dorms, so we can be in contact with our families. A lot of the international kids from the likes of United Arab Emirates(I had at least one friend/fellow classmate from there), were sent back home.

    That day, I went to go put some gas in my car and there were long lines waiting at the pumps, in fear of a gas shortage, or so we were told by the media. Lots of places raised prices unfairly, especially in Northwest Indiana were I come from.

    Strange that its been 6 years...

  4. It was the worst thing I've ever seen and although not personally involved, it left an indelible mark on my mind.

  5. I have been updating this post throughout the day. Those who first came to it saw only the two editorial cartoons. I keep adding more and more, primarily the other bloggers who have posted on this Patriots Day.

    BARMAN: I concur. Thanks for your fine 9/11 post.

    MERLE: You’re most welcome.

    CALLIE: Amen!

    JEN: Thank you for sharing your story and for you exceptional 9/11 blog post.

    PAULINE: Yes. I appreciate the superb simplicity of your 1/11 post. Thank you.

  6. I've been floating through the blogs that you listed and reading your cartoons... It's refreshing to see people who give up one day to the remembrance of 9/11. What a tragic day. What an eye-opener, and how amazing was it how New York pulled together so well in time of crisis. Watching the 9/11 Memorial today, it brought tears to my eyes, watching loved ones still hurting...still crying...still never forgetting.

    God bless you Nick!

  7. DEB: Thank you for your words and especially for the wonderful memorial blog post you made today.

  8. I wish I had the time and strength today to put together a post on 9/11, but I don't. Good on you and the others for doing it.


  9. i have a 9/11 rememberance on my blog but its no where as good as this!

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  11. 6 years later and it still makes me want to cry...sometimes it's a punishment to be human when you know we inflict terror among others of our kind..atleast animals have a reason when they kill...

  12. The memories of September 11 are etched in my mind; so, too, are its aftermath and the way “the war on terrorism” has exploited us to serve the agenda of a few of our wealthiest and, since 2001, most powerful countrymen. Both the acts of 9/11 and of those who used it as an excuse to turn the United States away from its historic morality are depraved.

  13. Sept 11 is a horror the world will never forget and history will keep alive. The infamy of terrorism and the evil that flourishes within it.

  14. On the radio this morning, I heard the DJ asking several "folks on the street" what year 9/11 hap'd, and a VAST majority didn't even freakin' KNOW. What's up with THAT???

  15. I was on the computer. (big surprise) Milky IM'd me and told me to turn on the tv. My heart sank as I sat there watching in total disbelief.