Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My First Roasting of a Bird

One of the least desirable aspects of living alone, or even with an astonishing cat such as Alex, is that all of those family-related holiday peripherals are seldom, if ever, available. What I’m saying is: I had no left-over turkey to devour after Thanksgiving.

Some folks, who regularly complain about having T-day leftovers, do not appreciate what it is like for us who do not have a frig full of sliced turkey, dressing, pumpkin pie, etc. We have-nots are unable to grab a few bits of turkey for a sandwich, or even to hold in our finger tips and nibble upon.

After ten years or so of living in such absence, this year I decided to roast my own post Thanksgiving turkey. Certainly, it was/is a small bird, but sufficient for the needs of an old dude and his cat.

On Monday, after finally getting the TBIM blog posted, I began the roasting process. This was the first turkey I have ever roasted. I began to write “on my own” but that isn’t accurate. My involvement with a roasted turkey has never before begun until it was time for the carving.

I followed the instructions step by step with this result:

After the prescribed cooling time, the bird was transferred to a plate and I did a bit of turkey carving:

I had other goodies to go with the bird—dressing, cranberry sauce, salad, dinner rolls—that I did not prepare until the next day. However, with my mouth watering for a bit of freshly roasted and sliced turkey breast, I put a couple of pieces on a plate and turned to sit at my place at the table, where I was greeted by:

Alex and I agree that the turkey was roasted to perfection and, such is the holiday spirit, that he and I have been sharing roasted turkey ever since.


My thanks to Top Cat for the Blogging Buddies Award:


FYI: Tuesday I injured my bad leg while attempting to shower and have been laid up since. I am now getting to the point where I can walk a bit. More on this later.


  1. sorry about the leg. hope it's better soon. perhaps you can hire a nurse to come in to bathe you? wait til the turkey's gone though!

    i know what you mean about the leftovers though. that's one of my favorite parts of t-giving and for a long time it's been missing. this year however, i was given a bird which i will be preparing this weekend with hopefully some of my other favorites and then i will get my leftover fix too!

  2. heheh that really did make me smile. the picture of your cat waiting for her share - hilarious!

    I'm glad you did a turkey all to yourself - it looks scrumptious.

    I have that problem with the ham at Christmas time...we end up eating ham sandwiches for six weeks afterwards but I would miss it if we didn't have it.

  3. That looks delish! I'm lucky enough that my daughter sends leftovers home with me...thank goodness. ;-)

    Good luck with your leg - I hope you heal soon.

  4. Nick, congrats on the award from Top Cat, he rocks!
    The turkey looks great and Alex waiting is so cute!!
    Hope your bum leg gets better quickly, and enjoy the turkey and trimmings!
    I have left a post on my blog, will see if the blog trolls leave me alone now...

  5. Eat well, Rev Saint and Alex.

  6. in SA we do get turkey's but i must admit i have never tried it myself, those huge drumsticks, my word!

    your first attempt, really well done, i am duly imperessed! good luck with the leg!

  7. Wow, Mr. Nick, your roasted turkey looks perfect, indeed! That's pretty good for a first try. And Alex looks like she enjoyed that turkey as much as you. She is a beaut of a kitty!

    Congratulations on the award!

    Very sorry to hear you injured your leg. I hope it feels better by now.


  8. I hope your leg heals quickly!

    Boy you've sure had your share of bad karma lately- what did you do? ;o)

  9. It looks delicious! I bet some lip-licking went on there.

  10. Glad to see Alex takes turkey supervisory responsibilities seriously. In the past, I have roasted just a turkey breast, so as to have a bit of home, without the carcass.

    Very sorry about your leg; take care of yourself and rest it.

  11. Great looking bird. I hope your leg gets better soon. Cheers Nick.

  12. I have given up on cooking. The last thing I attempted to cook was a ham. It's been years since then, and I am still reminded about it every family gathering... and when I say "reminded" I don't mean to imply they enjoyed it! :-)

    You turkey looks great, and I am sure your royal food tester has given it his "paws up."

    Take it easy and let yourself heal... You need to be able to make it to the computer so you can post, and keep us updated!


  13. You deserve it Nick.

    Hey this leg stuff's gotta stop, can't be keeping a good man down.
    Keeping positive thoughts for your healing.

  14. Kitty is lucky to have leftovers. I cooked at my sister's, so she got them all! I miss my turkey sammies!

  15. nick it looks good
    but for next year, pour cider over it (liberaly) and cover in foil apart from the last 30 mins , keeps it moist.
    I had to laugh at your head
    "Roasting a bird" means something quite obscene in the UK (+:

  16. That looks very yummy indeed! Now I'm hungry. And sorry about the leg!! Hope you get "back on your feet" soon.

  17. Turkey for Nick and Alex!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hope the leg is OK.

  18. serious looking cat you have there

  19. You did good with the turkey! Sorry to hear about your leg, hope it improves quickly.

  20. i am impressed nick- it looks delicious!

    and i'm so sorry you injured yourself again...

  21. well done on the ol' turkey - just make sure alex doesn't hog it all! wishing you a speedy recovery with your leg, hope you're feeling better :o)

  22. well done on the ol' turkey - just make sure alex doesn't hog it all! wishing you a speedy recovery with your leg, hope you're feeling better :o)

  23. well done on the ol' turkey - just make sure alex doesn't hog it all! wishing you a speedy recovery with your leg, hope you're feeling better :o)

  24. If I drive the 800 or so miles to your house, will there be any turkey left when I arrive?

    Take care of that leg!

  25. How great that you took the initiative and created the serial meal of turkey and leftover turkey and leftover turkey ... Sometimes too much is just the right amount.

  26. Hi Nick!

    The turkey looked great. For soemone doing it the first time, I think it is a good result.

    Sorry to learn about the leg. Here is wishing you a speedy recovery.

  27. First post i have ever read, and i am hooked.


    Because instead of self wallow you decided to just make your own darn bird. Good on you!! Hope you and Alex managed to polish it off :)

  28. I can see alex loves you verrrrrry much. Why he's not thinkin' about that turkey atall.

    I hope that dang leg heals up soon.

  29. Man, I'm sorry about your leg. I hope you can get that to heal up properly and soon!

    Good for you, cooking that bird. I've made a few turkeys, back when Ichabod and I used to have his family over for Christmas Eve. I don't love cooking, but I actually kinda starting enjoying making the bird.

  30. Hi Nick ~~ Congrats on the award and hege congrats on cooking your first turkey. It looks great and will keep you going for a while. Have you seen anyone about your leg? It should have been healed before now. Please look after yourself, Take great care,
    Regards, Merle.