Friday, November 30, 2007

Vick’s Victims

When I read this morning that two of suspended Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick’s dogfighting cohorts have been sentenced to prison, I felt the need to write about the situation. For those not familiar with the Vick story, briefly professional football star Michael Vick has plead guilty to operating a dog fighting enterprise. His sentencing is scheduled for December 10th; he has already been ordered to pay close to a million dollars to care for 49 to 54 (number varies depending upon source) pit bulls confiscated from his Virginia farm during the dogfighting raid.

However, this post is not about Vick. It is about his victims: the dogs. According to CNN, most of the pit bulls will be placed with families or put in a sanctuary, “where they will interact with people to overcome their fear and lack of socialization” that is the result of being forced to fight one another for the pleasure of Vick and his clients. One dog, however, number 2621, was euthanized because he was deemed unfit for rehabilitation.

I feel like writing a diatribe directed at Vick and all who are involved in this horrible activity. Rather, I shall share this video:

WARNING: Graphic Dogfighting Photographs

Back on September 27th, many of us bloggers united in posting against abuse of all sorts. Even Alex joined ith us, blogging specifically about the abuse of animals on his Blog, Alexicon: A Feline’s Life with his Human. Of course, all sort of abuse of humans as well as animals continues.

There are, however, actions activists can take to counter the evil of dogfighting. Below are just a few links you may wish to peruse if you are moved to take action:

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The Human Society of the United States Dogfighting Fact Sheet

How Dogfighting Works

What Are the Dogfighting Laws in Your State?

Dog Fighting - The Truth

Willie Nelson Works to Stop Dogfighting

Stop Dogfighting Now Petition


  1. Violence is like a virus. Michael Vick grew up surrounded with it, and now as an adult he's a carrier.

    Right now he's known as the guy who had it all and lost it all. I hope before this is all over he becomes the example of a guy who was able to turn it around.

  2. It's an interesting case. I'm not sure if you know blogger Detroit Dog, but she has been writing about it quite alot. You might be interested.


  3. That picture of the pups is ADORABLE!

    This whole Vick thing just makes my stomach turn...

  4. I couldn't make it all the way through the video. It's so sad. It's hard for me to understand how anyone can enjoy watching dogfights.

  5. Michael Vick and others like him just make me sick-- I love all of God's creatures so much, I can't imagine harming one. This is something that definitely needs to be addressed much more than it has been.

  6. Rev Saint, I must again say how much I admire your style. As usual, you do not simply talk about a problem, but you also provide resources for additional information on how someone can take action on it.

  7. Once again it is shown that there is no such thing as a vicious dog. Only a vicious owner. I think that anybody who partakes in this kind of behaviour, are not much better than animals themselves.

  8. sorry nick, i won't watch videos like this. seen too many before and it will really upset me. i've heard briefly about this particular case over in your land.

    in britain, unfortunately it seems dog fighting is on the increase - pitbulls are banned over here so people are trying to train up staffies (staffordshire bull terriers) to fight instead. staffies have a lovely nature and are real family pets so to use them in this way is truly tragic. but they have become status symbols for a lot of youth gangs - they are also the top breed that ends up most in rescue centres because of this. it really is heart-breaking but at least awareness has increased to the point where a lot of police time and effort is going in to breaking up these dog-fighting rings.

  9. Thanks for posting this Nick. My opinion of the low lives responsible for this type of cruelty is not fit to publish but I'm sure you know me well enough to work it out. Unfortunately the punishments meted out to them never seems sufficient. I wish I were a judge!

  10. I feel exactly like Pauline, it makes me so mad.