Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Pre-Thanksgiving Whatever

Remember Pixie and Dixie, those two adorable “meeses” ("meeses" being pronounced to rhyme with "pieces"), who ran Mr. Jinks (the cat) ragged to the point that usually at the end of each cartoon episode the jinxed Mr. Jinks would say, I hate meeses to pieces?

Well, Alex has been using Mr. Jink’s line quite a bit since that meese—or, uh, mouse—escaped him last week in the Bathroom Drama. He still maintains his vigilant watch on the space between the stove and the kitchen cabinets. However, to the best of my knowledge, no meeses have emerged from it.

The Vigilant Mouse Slayer on Watch

I, however, have seen the mouse, or maybe, the meeses, more than once. Alex was right: they do nest behind the stove. However, since last week's incident in which Alex the Mouse Slayer chased the itty bitty mousey from the kitchen into the bathroom, I don’t believe any itty bitty mousies have ventured onto the kitchen floor. When I have observed the mouse, it has been scampering across my kitchen counter top and leaping behind the stove. I suppose that I must become accustomed to sharing my home with meeses. After all, every church I have ever pastored has had its church mouse or two.

Amos, the church mouse in Disney’s Ben and Me

So, perhaps I will join Alex and Mr. Jinks in the lament: I hate meeses to pieces. Then, again, I may not.


  1. Love them little meece's,
    Meece's what I love to eat.
    Bite their little head's off,
    Nibble on their tiny feet.

    Happy Turkey Day!


  2. I do remember the cartoon very well, it has been years though. I have never owned a cat (the Spice's phobia) but I have given many mice a fit with traps over the years. ec

  3. haven't a clue what you're talking about! ahh well ....

  4. BRIGTON: I love the poem. I shall share it with Alex.

    MR. EDDIE: I had not thought about Pixie and Dixie and Mr. Jinks for years until I noticed how fixated and frustrated Alex seems over the, uh, mouse hunt.

    MAXXO: Perhaps the cartoon series never made it to your side of the pond?

  5. hi nick! i come a~lurking :-)

    love your kitty~cat~mouse~slayer, meeses not so nice though... eeuww...!!

    i'll be back...cheerio!

  6. The mice are running across your kitchen counter! Yuck!

  7. You won't touch food after Alex has licked it, but you're okay with mice on your counter. Um, like China Girl said, Yuck!

    And I remember Jinx and Pixie and Dixie. I was pretty young, but do remember them. I hate meeses to pieces, too.

  8. Aye! Get ‘em, Alex!!!!

  9. Nick,
    That is just too darn cute. I love pictures of Alex. Maybe Alex and the meeses will become friends? Or not. ;-)

  10. haha! Brilliant. Alex is looking rather ready on the photograph... a pounce due anytime I think!

  11. Oh, I'm with Jinx!:p

    & a most Happy Thanksgiving to you, St. Nick!

  12. Remind me nit to come visit you when I am down in Louisville visiting. For as big as I am and as little as they are, I do not do well with meece's.

    I just wanted to stop by and wish you and Alex a nice and safe Thanksgiving.

  13. i'm with squirl and china girl. yuck on the counter top!

    happy thanksgiving to you, Nick! Hope it's wonderful and delighful and hopefully, "meese" free!

  14. I use to have some pet mice when I was very young, wouldn't want one now though. I wonder if elephants are really scared of them??

  15. Mice aren't so bad really. When they're in a box, and they don't run all over your stuff, a pee and poo all over it. They're nice when they sit quietly on the back of your hand and look at you calmly.

    In fact, they're damn cute when they do that.