Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Where I'm Bound

It's a long and a dusty road, it's a hot and a heavy load,
And the folks I meet ain't always kind.
Some are bad, some are good, some have done the best they could,
Some have tried to ease my troubled mind.

And I can't help but wonder where I'm bound, where I'm bound,
I can't help but wonder where I'm bound.
~ Tom Paxton

Tom Paxton is one of my favorite contemporary folk singers/song writers. I’ve been playing and singing his music for about 40 years, primarily because I identify with his songs.

For many years—maybe as long or longer than I’ve been playing and singing Paxton’s music—my dream has been to travel. Pack what I need (books and guitar, primarily) in my car or maybe just what I can fit in a backpack (Alex can fit in the backpack, but not the guitar—I’d carry that!), throw a coin into the air, and head out in whatever direction it lands. I did that rather frequently in my old MGB, but only for a few days at a time.

Now I have the freedom to travel, but my health just isn’t up to it. Still, I can dream and play and sing the music, even if what comes out of my mouth is hampered by my COPD-scarred lungs.

The song of Tom Paxton that most reflects this travelin’ dream of mine is entitled I Can’t Help But Wonder Where I’m Bound. I couldn’t find a video of Tom Paxton singing it, but this dude, whose name is Mike, ain’t too bad:


  1. lol my favorite song writer is probably 50 cent

  2. Who is 50 cent?

    This post is very touching. It sounds like it comes from deep inside a place you enjoy to go.

  3. That was lovely...I needed to hear that right at this time.

  4. I wish you could make that dream come true!

  5. I wish you could make that dream come true!

  6. Two questions, Mr Nick:

    (1) Can you play: Amanda, light of my life...?

    (2) Have you seen the film Holy Man starring Eddie Murphy? Maybe you could have been like 'G'.

  7. I really enjoy the songs of Tommy Paxton. I remember the first time I heard you sing Cindy's Cryin' and how the words grabbed me.

    Maybe enough healing will come to you so that you can be 'on the road again!'

  8. Hi Nick ~~ What a great song, thanks.
    The jokes were good too last post.
    I liked I told Santa I'd been good and he died laughing.
    Thanks for your comments. I had never thought about why a bumper bar is so called. And I guess it bumped me good. Take care, Regards, Merle.

  9. Great tune, I was imagining you playing it.
    Yes we can always dream about far away places...
    Great that you have seen some of the world and I'm sure you will find a way to travel more.

    Have you been Busy yet this year
    St.NICK?? Travelling as Santa??

  10. JAY CAM: I reiterate Lawbrat’s question: Who is “50 cent?”

    LAWBRAT: I have no idea!

    TAI: You’re welcome! It’s a song that moves me in many directions.

    LITTLE WING: Thank you. I suppose I trust in the words of that song from South Pacific: “if you ain’t got a dream, how you gonna have a dream come true.” So I keep my dreams alive.

    GORILLA BANANAS: The Don Williams song? I’ve heard it but never played it; however, with music I can play just about anything. I’ve not seen “Holy Man” but will try to so I can see if I am like “G.”

    ANGUS: I, too, remember those days. It doesn’t seem like it was 40 years ago.

    MERLE: You are welcome.

    TK: Matter of fact, I was playing and singing it last night. The song rather gets under my skin. I dropped my car off for major servicing this morning. If it can be made to run satisfactorily and if I can convince the VA to provide me with a portable oxygen compressor, then I shall be doing so traveling.

  11. I have never heard that song. I like it. I would like to hear YOU sing it.

  12. It is a beautiful song...I grew up with folk music and it is always so meaningful...I hope you can make your dream come true Nick, we all deserve that.

  13. Tom Paxton is great. I also like Ramblin' Jack Elliot, Tom Lehrer, and of course Pete Seeger. Cheers Nick. Now get to packin'.

  14. I remember the song but didn't know that Tom Paxton wrote it.

  15. Lovely,

    Congrats on an excellent blog,


  16. It's always good to keep a dream alive :0) *hugs*

  17. I started singing it! And if you'd asked me I would have said I didn't know it. Although I do have a Tom Paxton LP somewhere still.

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