Wednesday, January 02, 2008

7 weird things about me MEME & a few updates

Mel at Attitude, the Ultimate Power tagged me to do this MEME to share seven random and/or weird facts about yourself. As you may or may not know, I dislike—hate is not too strong a word, but I like to believe that I am spiritually enlightened enough [hah!] not to hate anything or anyone—doing MEMEs. They distract me from my normally haphazardly slapdash way of blogging—and living.

However, since I’m a good-natured dude—not me mention basically passive—I shall accept the tag and try hard (I used to tell my counseling clients not to do that) to think of seven weird things about my bizarre self.

Here are the rules:

Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog. Share seven random and/or weird facts about yourself. Tag seven random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs. Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a notification on their blog.

Seven Weird Things about Sometimes Saintly Nick

1. The last time I made a New Year resolution was about 10 years ago when I resolved not to make New Year resolutions. This has been the only New Year resolution I have ever kept.

2. I much prefer giving than receiving, which may be why I was drawn to the profession of social work, a profession that has been called “professional altruism.”

3. I have an unreasonably strong addiction to Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookies. The obsession is so powerful that I must ration the cookies to myself or risk eating an entire box at one sitting.

4. Since I have become a cat person— the property of a cat named Alex—I have become much weirder than I was before becoming a cat person.

5. I grew a beard in 1972 within weeks of leaving active military service and have had it cover my lower face since then. Few people, including me, remember what I look like beardless.

6. For many years I have kept a book—usually a mystery—in the bathroom to read when I am sitting on “the throne” or soaking in the tub. Recently I have found that I do not complete these books as quickly as I once did since Alex has developed the habit of leaping into my arms when I am enthroned or on my chest when soaking to take a catnap. I find I cannot read when the cat is between my eyes and the book.

7. I much prefer being nude to being clothed; however, my nudity exposes much more skin for Alex to claw when he wants my attention. Therefore, I have been seriously considering purchasing a suit of armor to where when I am around the cat.

The Tags

As has been my habit, I will not tag anyone to do this MEME. This is partly my way of rebelling against “the rules” and partly to allow any who truly enjoy MEMEs to do so. If you decide you want to do this MEME, please see The Rules above.

A Few Updates

  • My car has finally been repaired and drives as if it is a new car. The final bill was about $400.00 less than the estimate. I am thankful for small things.

  • I have not yet made it to my mother’s new home to share Christmas gifts. When I do go, I shall take photos to post.

  • We have a bit of snow and lots of cold here in Louisville. Alex has been so frustrated at not going outside that this morning he leaped into the fluffy water and remained standing in it for about ten seconds before rushing back into the house.
  • Unlike me, Alex has made New Year resolutions and posted them on his blog.


  1. I love Famous Amos cookies, too. Unfortunately, they land right on my thighs.



  2. my late husband did much the same thing. grew his beard right out of the corps, and had it for so long that we didn't remember what he looked like underneath.

    about 15 years later...(almost 10 years ago, now) he took a great-paying job that involved wearing a protective mask that HAD to seal, and was forced to shave the beard.

    i could not -could NOT- relax around him. he did NOT look like my husband. in the 15 years since he'd started growing his beard...his face had undergone just enough change that he didn't really look even like the man i'd known before the it was like he was this stranger in my bed.

    i couldn't uh...respond to him. he had to quit that job, and grow back his beard.

  3. Nick,
    Thanks for accepting this tag. However, #7 - TOO MUCH INFORMATION!! (LOL)

  4. haha! I read on the throne and I avoid doing meme's! See we have stuff in common! However, I hate being naked... *shudders* scarey sight!
    Happy New Year Nick! I'm sure your mum will be so pleased to see you the gifts will just be the icing on the cake.

  5. I think I would like to be Alex. It would be so nice to own you!

  6. Yay for you regarding the car bill being a bit lower than the gazillion dollars estimated.

    Tell your mom I said 'hi'.

  7. Hi Sometimes!
    Have a lovely, happy, healthy and successful 2008!

  8. Hi Sometimes!
    Have a lovely, happy, healthy and successful 2008!

  9. Wow- your cat has his own blog, and that didn't even make the top 7!

  10. Nick, I would not blame Alex for your weirdness. I have known you about 45 years and you have always been weird! (just kidding – a little bit)

  11. Hi Nick...guess who's blogging again?

    I tried to stop by yesterday to say hello...but your blog was being too let me wish you Happy New Year now. Hope to see you around.

  12. I have done this one a few times.. but never find things that are strange in low commodity. lol!!

    I have never had famous amos cookies, but they must be rather tasty. I shall have to look into those the next time i make it to the states.

    And i really don't remember what my biological father looked like without a beard either. I know that he didn't have one at one point in my youth. But i had seen him with a beard more then without. So that is how i picture him now. Wonder if Jesus had that problem... lol... (so politically incorrect, but really did anyone ever figure he DIDNT have a beard at one point either??lol...)

  13. Nick, I have NEVER had a car repair bill LOWER than the estimate!
    That is a miracle!!!!!!!
    I am in awe!!!!!

  14. Good that your car is fixed. I had an oil change on my Buick the other day, and also had to get a wheel cylinder and a new line cuz it was leakin brake fluid. But, now, she runs like new... a new 21 year old. LOL!

  15. Hey Nick,

    My friend Dave is a member of the national beard registry ... really, there is one. He did the same thing ... got out of the air force in 1972 or 1974 ... I forget ... and has not been without a beard since.

    Me, I prefer goatees.

    I'll do the MEME for ya ... throw myself on that grenade.


  16. Hey Nick - thanks for the New Year's greeting. As a liberal-theolog and cat lover, I see we have a lot in common.
    Check out this blog:
    Not only is she hilarious and witty, but the 2008 "Iconic Women Yoshi Cat Calendar" is PRICELESS! ha ha ha...

  17. Mirthful post, Rev Saint.

  18. Happy New Year, Nick!! Hope it's a great one....and famous amos cookies are yummy :)

  19. Silly me, I have never had a Famous Amous Cookie. They must be good however. I certainly can understand. I can go forever not opening a package of Girl Scout cookies but once open I think I inhale them.

    Most of my car repair bills come in about as expected but the one time I spent a fortune on the car. Not all at once and only once about estimates but it just kept going like the energizer bunny and sucked over 3,000 from me. Yikes.

    My first computer job one of the people there had a mustache he had been growing forever and I decided to do the same. 25 or so years later I shaved it off and was it weird. Why did I shave it off? I was vain as the mustache started to come in extra gray and my hair still does not look all that gray.

    Hopefully the fluffy water will go away soon and Alex will be able to go outside again. Have a wonderful time breaking those rules.

  20. Around here we refer to the bathroom as my library. Cheers Nick!!

  21. you're weirder now than before...???
    aaaaaalrighty then...

  22. hey, I always say...if you have to be obsessed abaout something, chocolate chip cookies are about the best!!

    My cat used to LOVE to sit on the side of the tub when I took a bath..he would lick the soap off my nose with his rough little tongue. Best exfoliator ever.

  23. what? you weren't born with that great beard?

    ya gotta just shatter a girl's illusions, don'tcha?

  24. Well I am happy to see that I am not the only one who's cat seems to find it entertaining while on the "throne". Yes, he loves the baths as well. As long as it's not for him! much as they put us through, animals are simply the greatest. My brother-in-law shaved his beard for the 1st time since 1975. I hardly recognized him. I hope he grows it back. Hey my older brother lives in Louisville...speaking of which, I need to call him...

    Great meme.

  25. I dislike doing meme's myself, and would never do one disclosing weird facts about myself. I would have to dig deep to find some, and after I did, they might scare me! However, I did enjoy reading your weird facts, Mr. Nick.


  26. Hubby shaved once in our marriage...Micheyla was a baby and she screamed in fright, and I told him to grow that hair fast. The least he has is a goatee.

  27. My husband grew a beard right before we met. (18 years ago) I told him that is how I found him, so he isn't allowed to shave it off. However, when our youngest was about 2 years old, he messed it up so badly while trimming it, that he did shave it off. She was so afraid of him, she wouldn't go near him untill it grew back. So he won't be doing any more of that silliness !

    Poor Alex, Hopefully, the fluffy stuff won't last long.

  28. Nick, Your weirdness isn't weird. And you starting growing your beard the year I was born! ;-)