Friday, January 04, 2008

Friday Evening Stuff

Today I received a couple of informative and disturbing emails from acquaintances in Pakistan and Kenya.

My friend from Pakistan wrote:

The Economist has named Pakistan the “world’s most dangerous place.” We Americans who are living here have known that for a long time. Musharraf pays lip service to the Bush administration while in his own way supporting Islamic extremists…If the truth ever comes out, the assassination of Benazir Bhutto was directly or indirectly the action of the Musharraf régime…We look forward to the day when we finish our work here and are able to return to the U.S.

My friend in Nairobi, a Kenyan pastor who I met almost ten years ago when he was visiting Louisville, wrote:

“It has been like living in the middle of a civil war…People are frightened and (his wife) worries about our children…Please say prayers for us and for all the people here.”

I set my video camera to automatic and attempted to shoot a movie of Alex’s feeding ritual, which is more complex than a high church liturgy. Unfortunately, the furball and I move around too much in the ceremony and are off screen quite a bit. Perhaps I shall teach Tasha, my VA-supplied part-time housekeeper, to use the camera and try again to capture the feeding dance of the furball.

Speaking of Tasha, today I learned that the VA has OK’d her being here 4-hours-a-day for three days a week rather than the two days a week she has been. That’s wonderful for me, but I am unsure what it says about my declining health.

Alex has blogged about the Iowa caucus—“carcass” according to him—on his blog and seems to have feline insights that we humans lack. You may read his blog post HERE.

It’s about time I began sharing some of the several blog awards I have so graciously been given. So……….

I pass on the The Good Buzz Blog Award to:

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with my blessings!


  1. I will keep both your friends in my thoughts.

  2. Me too, in my thoughts and in my prayers, I would hate to be in either of those places right now.

  3. My prayers are offered for the people of Kenya and Pakistan.

    It’s great that Tasha will be with you another day each week, Rev Saint. Please do not be distracted by your health. Remember the words of Joseph Campbell that you shared with me many years ago.

    I shall now read Alex’s blog about the “carcass.”

  4. Alex certainly expresses his cat wisdom about human politics well. I compliment your furball on his insight and humor.

  5. One of the great things about the internet is the chance to hear directly from people in troubled areas not via newspapers or TV. I hope they are staying safe...

  6. Kenya and Pakistan feature daily in my thoughts when I send our Reiki. I will include you too Nick - may your health improve. x

  7. Hi Nick ~~ My thoughts and prayers
    for the people of Pakistan and Kenya
    and all the other trouble spots in this world. I am glad you have Tasha an extra day to help you ~ it took
    so long before they gave you some assistance. Thank you for your message and I feel blessed to have the family I do seeing as how 3 out of 4 of my kids were adopted.
    Take care, my friend, Regards, Merle.

  8. The situation in Kenya is such a mess. Sad. Cheers Nick!!

  9. Happy New Year Nick!

    Hope you and Alex have been keeping well and that 2008 will bring health and happiness to you both :o)

  10. I hope for peace.

    P.S. I like the photos of beads you used ;)

  11. Aha! When I heard of her assassination, I immediately pointed my mental finger at Musharraf and his gang! IMHO, it's bad enough being sinister and evil, but being dumb as a box of rocks on top of it amounts to, well, rubbing salt in the wound! Honestly, the whole thing (to me) was so transparent as to be laughable! But like I said, that's just my opinion.

    I do pray continually for all the good and kind souls in the world, including your friends and their kin, who are trying so valiantly to vanguish evil and oppression! Thank you for letting us know of these folks, Nick, so we can be specific in our prayers and thoughts.

    I, too, am happy to hear Tasha can be more available to help you. As to your health, declining or otherwise, well, my experience is that one's health is going to do whatever it wishes regardless of what we do, or don't do. About the best we can do is to merely observe, as tho we were a disinterested audience! Makes it much easier, then, to get on with the real business of living: that being people!

    And lastly, I am so honored that you've awarded me! And I must soon visit the other awardees' blogs too! Thanks for the intro to them! Angel over in South Africa has also included me in an award and, of course, I am beyond thrilled -- but am struggling with how to post these on my sidebar. I know how to post photos in a post, but I'd like to display them permanently in my sidebar and am currently scratching my head trying to figure that one out! No worries tho, I'm a stubborn old bird and I'll eventually crack this nut too!

    Again, thank you so much for thinking of me and including me in this honor, Nick!

  12. The world is a dangerous place indeed. Sometimes the best we can do is to pray diligently for peace and transformation.
    Thanks for your blog, Nick.

  13. One thing i tr not to involve myself with is politics. It is very unclear to me who is right and who is wrong, asn most often i find that i play devils advocate much too well. But in the instance where politics becomes removed and a sittuation becomes personal, like in the case of your friends... it is hard for a person, even one as removed as myself, to not want something better and be scared for those trying to do what they feel is right. I hope your friends keep well.

    The feeding ritual of my two kitties is a dynamic circus of leaps and jumps and synchronised meowing.. lol! So i could well imagine how entertaining Alex is :)

    I know that it is for your health that you have a housekeeper.. but my head is still jealous ;)

    And thank you so much for the good buzz award :) I will proudly display it on my sidebar :)

  14. HAPPY BELATED NEW YEAR dear Saintly...

    My thoughts are with your friends and all those in the trouble spots in the world...


  15. Hi Nick,

    Maybe this will help cheer you up. I have an award for you. There is no need to pass it on if you don't want to.

  16. I am a little fuzzy on what Tasha does. Is she a nurse, or does she take care of your non-medical needs like shopping and cleaning?

  17. There are some very disturbing stories coming out of both nations. the Kenya violence is shocking to me especially since that country has been rather peaceful and stable in comparison to it's counterparts. the economy was on an upswing as well. I hope they can turn this around.

    Pakistan is also pretty bad and I fear it's going to get worse before it gets better.

  18. I will also be praying for the safety of your friends. The world is becoming such a scary place.

    It's good to hear that you will be having more help and company. It's hard to say what the motivations and reasonings are behind the decisions of government agencies. My experience has shown that it usually has little to do with any rational reasoning, so I certainly wouldn't look to them to gauge your health. Just enjoy the benefits of added assistance.

    Looking forward to those videos of Alex !

    Stay well,

  19. By the way, Alex is an absolute fount of feline wisdom !


  20. thank you so much for the have no idea how much it means to me. please know i am very touched!

    i will pray for your friends....and the citizens of these countries. i will especially pray for those people in those areas who do the most damage to others, whether from ignorance or evil.

    thank you for reminding us of the world outside our own and how it affects all of us.

  21. my thoughts and prayers are with your friends and with everyone who does good deeds in troublespots all over the world

    I wish our prayers for world peace and harmony could be answered, but as long as there is money to be made in the arms industry and oil controls the world and tribe hates tribe hates tribe, I wonder what hope there really is...

    ... maybe not in my lifetime, but please G-d in my children's