Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wednesday Hodgepodge

Near Panic in the Dark

A storm came through Louisville last night. I had fallen asleep snuggling with Alex and watching TV. I abruptly was awakened and my sleep-clogged brain was alerted to four things: (1) the TV was off plus (2) the room was dark plus (3) the noise of the CPAP and the oxygen concentrator was missing. Obviously the power was off. Then, like a baseball hitting me in the chest, I realized (4) that I could not breath.

I sat up on the side of the bed and tore the CPAP mask from my face. I gasped for breathe, but having now become used to breathing with oxygen, I couldn’t get enough air in my lungs. Being a smidgen away from panic, I stood up in the darkness and a felt my way to the dresser where I had a Provertic inhaler (for rescue breathing) and a penlight. The inhaler helped me breathe a wee bit and the minute light from the little flashlight guided me from my bedroom down the hallway through the kitchen and library into the spare bedroom where the oxygen is stored.

I do not have words to express the relief I felt when the nose-hose was on my face and oxygen was entering my system.

Speaking of the Nose-Hose

Alex is playing less with the hose that connects me to the oxygen compressor than he did when I first got the thing. I don’t know if this is the result of my saying/screaming over and over Alex! Let go of my nose-hose or if he has just become tired of chasing and capturing it.

Or, perhaps it is simply that he has more pressing interests:


I still have not received email from my clergy friend who pastors a church in Nairobi. I have been in email contact with two mutual friends and they have no information on him or his family.

Of course, I’m concerned: I’ve been keeping close watch on the increasing violence in Kenya. It now appears that the conflict over the presidential election results is much less an issue than tribal and ethnic differences and ancient animosities. I found these videos most enlightening and frightening.

State of the Union

In case you missed President’s Bush’s State of the Union Address, this sums up his words quite well:


  1. I can only imagine the feeling of panic you must've felt with no oxygen flowing through your nose hose. I'm glad that you have all kinds of back-ups for times like these. And I'm glad that you were awakened so that you could utilize the back-up plans!

    Thinking of your friend in Kenya...

    Great, but sad, cartoon! I could not bring myself to watch that man do his little speech the other night, so I appreciate the summary. No surprises.

  2. Nick, the closest I have come to that feeling is when I have choked on food and thought I'd never dislodge the offending morsel. That was bad. I cannot imagine the panic in your situation. Yes, thank goodness for the back-ups. And I'm happy that the nose hose is losing its fascination for Alex.

    The State of the Union. Puhleeze.

  3. There should be some sort of battery powered alarm for when the CPAP stops.

    That's one scary story, because it's real!

    I'm very glad it had a happy (?) ending.

    And then you tell another scary story by going political! haha

  4. The oxygen should be on a battery back up. Perhaps next appointment you should ask if that's available.

    As for your friend in Kenya, is he American or Kenyan or something else...if he's not Kenyan, perhaps you can get in touch with the Embassy there. They probably have a record of where he is, and if someone (or a few someones) begin inquiring about him they might be able to tell you where he is or send someone to check on him.

  5. Chin up, Nick - less than a year of Bush to go!

  6. I hope that you don't go through that panic again...can you keep things closer to the bed possibly?

    Be well well.

  7. Wow - close call, glad you came around to be able to get to the oxygen. ec

  8. LOL... great comic strip, love the ears LOL


  9. Hi Nick ~~ Sorry you had that scare -
    maybe you should have a better torch on your bed or bedside table in case of further power outages. And have the inhaler closer. Glad you are OK, but it was quite a fright for you.
    Take great care, my friend, Regards,

  10. Oh dear I am glad you made it through your scare. I had a choking incident within the last year. I was alone and had no idea what I was going to do. I knew I was going to die but somehow I managed to dislodge the meat. I was in absolute panic than. I have got to imagine that things were even worse for you.

    Thank you for the Kenya video link.

  11. yikes! glad you found the emergency supply - agree with Tugs - maybe keep it closer at hand!


    Love the cartoon!

  12. Nick I know when our power goes out because I can't hear Allen's CPAP. You do have the Utility Company alerted that you have Medical Equipment that is needed right? That way they know they need to work on your power faster....if you don't, call them.
    Now, I am going into mama role and telling you to get a better flashlight or a few strategically placed around the house for those times and emergency breathing equipment ready too. End of mama role for the moment.

    Here I thought maybe Alex had found a mouse....we are back on the Great Mousehunt again, having caught 2 of the little buggers in the past week. Don't they hibernate?

    Great political cartoon.

  13. ooh, have you changed your blog layout? something looks different ... detective maxxo on the case here! happy to hear you survived your night time scare.

  14. I certainly understand why you were panicked. Glad it all worked out Nick. Cheers my good man!!

  15. Must have been panicky for you. Hope you work this one out.
    Alex sounds like a treasure

  16. I'm glad you're still here to tell the tale.

    Breathing is one of those things I used to just take for granted- but not any more. I'm grateful.

    And changing tack completley: I loved the cartoon!

  17. (((Saintly)))) oh my, how very scary for you, Im so glad everything is ok..... please please be careful......

    Keeping your maties in my thoughts..


  18. So, basically, nothing has changed regarding the State of the Union. :/

  19. That must have been so frightening Nick, thank goodness you're OK. Alex must be getting bored with your nose hose now.

  20. Nick, that must be the worst feeling of all, I can only imagine how awful it must be. So pleased you have all your emergency back ups under control. Take care Nick, and tell Alex hes a good lad now he's not fooling around so much with your nose hose.

  21. A battery sounds good for such emergencies, Nick...

    Glad it worked out!!

  22. With the crazy weather we've been having, you never know when we might have a power outage ! I hope you weren't on back up too long ? I'm so glad that you were able to get to them! I would definately contact the electric company and let them know your situation.

    Take care,