Saturday, February 02, 2008

Astonishing Alex

This afternoon Alex went outside to play in the 40 F, sunny day. When I heard him scratching at the front door, I grabbed my cane, said Alex, I’m coming, and limped down the hall to the door.

As I opened the front door, two things happened at once: (1) I noticed that Alex wasn’t sitting there as he always is and (2) I heard loud cat screeching coming from somewhere to my left.

My mind instantaneously registered these two observations, analyzed them, concluded that Alex must be under attack, and instructed my legs to immediately take me out on the porch so that I could rescue my little darling.

When I got on the porch and looked into the yard beside it, I saw an amazing sight: Alex was on his haunches flaying away with both of his front paws/claws at a big gray cat like Mohammed Ali finishing off George Foreman after ropa-doping him in the Rumble in the Jungle. The screeching wasn’t coming from Alex, but from the larger cat, who turned and scatted away seconds after I came onto the porch.

Alex turned toward me, leaped on the porch, and ran to his feeding bowls. Just as he usually does. While the furball was eating, I checked his coat for any cuts or scratches. I found none.

I believe that I need to reevaluate some notions I’ve had about the cat who owns me. Perhaps he really can take care of himself in the big, bad world outside.

Meanwhile, Alex the Combat Cat is napping on one of my shirts.


  1. Being outside and having to rumble really wore poor Alex out it seems. You knew he could take care of himself, they all can. Sort of like our children.

  2. lol! Well good for Alex the cat :) I had a kitty (died a long time ago) named Nikki, and he THOUGHT he was a tough cat. He would get his arse kicked multitudes of times. Luckily that isn't what killed him (he caught feline leukemia)... he was a scrapper for sure though!

  3. I'm so glad he's ok! Sounds like you've done a very good job raising him! :-)

    Came across your blog through the Big Bang! I'm so glad I did!

  4. I had a manx once, and after an unfortunate end to his life, I decided I could not endure that again. Having one son, I felt the same (if he were a daughter instead, one still would have been enough.) I'm too sensitive for some things in this life!

    BTW, after 2 yrs working for myself (converting old tapes to Archival gold CDs for libraries and museums, and conducting oral histories) I'm now working in the conservation area of a bindery here in town) hence the latest post. Since I can't mention anything I'm doing I can only hint.

    Oh, last week a lady started working on a book from the 1500s and the engravings (some) have been cut out. They looked like very good woodcuts!

    Thanks for sharing. I'm not getting around too much since I'm working for the "man" again for awhile.


  5. Cats are very territorial, even if altered. Alex showed that gray cat that he was the boss around there! Good boy, Alex. Besides, he probably knew you'd come running,if he were in trouble.

    Cute picture of the brave boy!



  6. Sooooooo Alex aint a pussy after all lol......go Alex, go Alex :)

    BTW useless bit of information.... I actually have the autographs on a black and white photo of Ali and George Foreman from the Rumble in the Jungle fight and the commentator at the time...... my fathers engineering company were staying in the same hotel and me father actually had breakfast with Ali......

    Thinking I wonder if they are worth a few quid....


  7. Okay, Alex is one cat I will NOT be messing with anytime soon.

  8. I think our animals are stronger than we give them credit.

  9. I don't know, but from the pic, Alex doesn't seem too worried. ;)

    Have a great weekend Nick!!


  10. YAY Alex!! How are you doing these days Nick?

  11. Cats really are VERY territorial!
    He does NOT want to share you!!!

  12. Alex is truly amazing! Nick, you really didn't think that Alex spent all of that time outside catting around the hood without developing his fighting skills, did you?

  13. Has Alex been secretly taking steroids? Cheers Nick!!

  14. Protecting his castle is tiring work! :o)

  15. I think cats are far more scary than dogs when they fight, maybe it's all the noise cats make and the fact that they literally throw their whole selves into it, teeth and four feet full of claws! I'm very glad Alex is unscathed after his battle.

  16. Funny... he doesn't LOOK like a combat cat while he's all curled up sweetly.

    Those are the most dangerous kind...

  17. ` Go Alex!! That reminds me of a time when I heard a kitty screaming in the (fenced-in) back yard one night, and I thought I saw my Katie being attacked by another cat and then run off through a hole in the fence.
    ` I ran off to the other side of the hole in the fence and looked all around for her. I didn't find her at all.
    ` I started crying, but then I came back and grabbed a flashlight. Hey, where was the other cat, anyway? So, I looked in the yard where I saw the cats fighting and caught a green glimmer of cat eye.
    ` It looked strange and wild... then I realized that was my Katie! She had kicked the other cat's ass and sent it running off!
    ` I was so proud of her! I called her and finally she snapped out of her wild state and followed me inside.
    ` Whew!

  18. ` BTW, my current cats, and my neighbor's turtle, have had adventures of their own - and I finally wrote about it all after how long?

  19. alex is soooooo cute & brave, too

  20. Alex is tough ! He had to protect you from that big grey furball, and of course, there's no way he was letting him anywhere near his food dish on the other side of the door ! I think he's earned his nap. So glad that you are having a temporary warm (?) spell. Alex was probably ready for the fresh air.

    Take care.

  21. That's right, Alex, you give that intruder what for! How dare he tresspass on your patch... Glad he's okay though, Nick.

  22. Wow, he's territorial and knows how to do something about it. Good for Alex. :-)

  23. Hi Nick ~~ Glad Alex wasn't hurt and
    in fact won the fight.
    The weather is just as crazy this side of the equator. Stay well, my
    friend. Regards, Merle.

  24. combat cat!! mwhahhhhhhhahahahaha love that!

  25. OK, I have an idea. Alex proved he can kick some tail. Here is what you do. Next trip to the VA hosiptal or doctors or what ever... bring Alex along. If they are not cooperating, see if Alex can knock some sense into them.

  26. poor thing's exhausted.

    ...wouldn't it be funny if the whole thing was a set-up?

    hey, felix. you knock on the door, and just as soon as nick opens it...let's act like i'm kicking your ass!