Thursday, May 08, 2008

How to Keep a Furball from Reclining on the Keyboard of One’s New Notebook & Thus Filling its Innards with Cat Hair which Is What Destroyed One’s Last

This docking station keeps Alex off the new laptop and makes my computing much more functional!

More functional? Well, maybe not unless I can learn to use the mouse with my left hand.

If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been—i.e., not recently making visits to your blog—I must apologize. I’ve been spending almost all of my time setting up the new computer and attempting to reinstall programs. I have had to purchase a couple of programs, which isn’t good for my budget.

I hope to have the new computer completely functional in a couple of days. Then you shall see comments from Sometimes Saintly Nick on your blog.


  1. THE DIVINE MISS M: I’m not sure if Alex is “put out,” but he’s certainly “put off”—the keyboard!

  2. Oh there you are!!!! ;o)
    GLad all is ok... well healthwise anyhow! Thank goodness Carol gave an update!
    Alex looks to be hatching a plot to me!

  3. DAFFY: I am afraid you are right: Alex is a devious furball and is certainly plotting something—like how to get on my new notebook’s keyboard.

  4. hello nick! that's very funny, alex wants to blog, i think. hope your IT problems are all but solved :)

  5. I'm giving Alex 2 weeks to figure out a way to overcome your Alex-free keyboard *wink*

  6. alex looks totally heartbroken!
    i hope you get it all sorted soon nick.

  7. lol.. I guess he'll figure out
    He's a cutie..
    Hope you have a wonderful week and are feeling better...

  8. I commend you for setting up your computer. They are far too technical for me. I dread anything going wrong because I have to bring in the experts!

    CJ xx

  9. But how long will it be before Alex works out a way to be comfy on there?!

    Congratulations on your 3rd blogaversary!

  10. It's so funny how our favorite spots, quickly become our animal's favorite spots, just so that they can be near us.

    My dogs pretty much have free reign of the house, and a hundred places to nap that are easily more comfortable than under my computer table, or milimeters from the wheels of the computer chair, but because I am there, so are they !

    I love the photos ! Hope things get back to normal soon. I miss your comments.


  11. Take your time Nick - I had to do that not too long ago, and it's a huge pain in the butt & time consuming.

  12. If you manage to get your computer completely functional 'in a couple of days' would you mind stopping by my place? I haven't gotten my that way in three years now.

  13. Nick, I posted on your Alex/desk photo-journal below, but you've probably long-since left that one behind.
    Perhaps this is what my laptop ails from. (Great grammar, huh?) Though I tend to think it's just the crappy Window Vista misbehaving as per usual. (Don't get me started!)

    Your new set-up is enviable. I know all about that cat-on-computer syndrome. They do have a tendency to just wander straight across - beeping and bleeping willy-nilly, don't they?

    I've posted a story that features a cat - you may find it of interest.


  14. Computers always end up being more complicated than you think they will. I'm becoming more and more of a luddite as i age...

  15. hey nick looks like a very nice new pc you got there!

  16. Silly kittie, computers are for humans. Of course Alex owns you so the computer is his also. Oh well. Good luck with the battle.

    Good luck with getting everything all set up. It is nice to get a new computer than you can get rid of some of the old stuff you no longer use. Oh and congratulations on 3 years of blogging.

    Have a nice weekend Nick.

  17. Poor Alex...he looks positively miffed about the whole thing. You should install a roost for him so you can have your mouse spot back!

  18. My dear friends, I have taken the solution one step further and given Alex my old computer. The Furball writes about it on HIS blog. (Link on my sidebar).

    Now I return to my computer setup: I am installing a new backup hard drive on the docking station so (perhaps) I’ll never have to go through the agony of locating and reinstalling important programs again!

  19. To me, one of the nicest things about the cats I've had in my life were how they always wanted to be nearby while I was working.

    My (then) fiance, sublet an apartment from me in grad school. I left for the summer; he stayed with my cat. My cat "Wellington" would sit on the table while he wrote his thesis. Every now and then, the fiance would not like what he wrote, ball it up and throw it to the trash. Usually,he missed. Old Wellington would play and play with the paper ball. When he tired of it, he would return to the table to wait for the next "mistake."

  20. lol.. Alex sure is a crafty kitty :)

    Glad to see you back and about Nick.

  21. No worries Nick!! Computer stuff can keep a person busy! :) Glad you are well and have a new toy.

    And Alex, sweetie, be nice to your human's new toy. :)


  22. Saron wrap is very versatile.
    Congratulations on your anniversary; I missed it.