Sunday, May 04, 2008

What’s a Furball to do without a Computer?

This process of reinstalling programs on my new computer is much more difficult than I thought it would be. It may be quite a while before I’m back to normal! If I were masochistic, I’d list all the problems that I am having. But I’m not willing to dwell on problems, so rather than sharing my difficulties, I offer you some photos of Alex that I snapped while the computer was absent from my desk:

Alex, the King

Searching for the Missing Computer


Window Staring

Mesmerized by the Candle

When in Doubt—Washing

And, of course, Dining


  1. Nick,nice photos of Alex,and yes he does look lost with out a computer.

  2. Looks like a busy cat life to me.

    Are you going to allow Alex to use your new computer for blogging?

  3. MIKE: Alex was a bit lost, but not as lost as I was. I actually spent time organizing the books in my library. Alex spent his time—when not ruling over my desk (and me)—catting around outside. At the moment he’s taking a nap on my printer.

    CAROL: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alex and his shedding hair are not going anywhere near the new computer. I have given him my old computer to use to write his blog! Besides organizing my library and playing the guitar and singing folk songs, I spent some of my without-computer-time time wrapping duct tape around new cat-inflicted holes in my nose-hose.

  4. I was concerned glad to hear from you

  5. Wonder to have you back, Rev Nick. I wonder if Alex enjoys "his computer."

  6. Cats are so incredibly intelligent aren't they!

    CJ xx

  7. Alex is not going to like not having access to your new computer! :)

  8. Those are nice kitty pix!

  9. I love alex, I love alex, I love alex

  10. Your desk space by the window is very much like mine - overlooks a neighbour (not so good), blinds on the window (ugly burgundy, soon to be ripped down), cat on desk, annoying me no end (I just fed this one a little while ago and she's begging again - it's either for treats or more kibble). Have to ask, is that t.p. on your desk?

    Poetikat's just posted a brand new story - somewhat of a departure. Hope you enjoy it.