Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday Mishmash

The countdown continues. This is the 988th post on Nick’s Bytes. I promised a big celebration when I do my 1,000th post and that still is the plan.

I thought it would really be neat if some of the other stuff came together at the same time. For example, my 100,000th visitor to Nick’s Bytes. That isn’t going to happen: at the moment the blog has had 92, 917 visits. There is no way that that will reach 100,000 in 12 days. So, I suppose there will have to be another celebration when that takes place.

I have no new information on the condition of Tasha’s hospitalized 4-month-old son, Gregory. I shall post any updates as soon I as receive them.

A post that Deb wrote the other day I’m reminded of the theology that the followers of The Way, as the earliest Christians described themselves, are called to live in the Kingdom that is and is to come. We are to live on this earth as if the future Kingdom of God already exists. And since that Kingdom is within/among (depending on how one translates the Greek) us, there really could be no animosity among people, no exploitation or oppression.

The possibilities of that have always astounded me!

I heard today that Churchill Downs Inc. has announced that the remains of Eight Belles, the runner-up in Kentucky Derby 134, will be interred at the Kentucky Derby Museum on the grounds of Louisville's Churchill Downs. As you may remember, the filly was euthanized after suffering a catastrophic leg injury after crossing the finish line.

I believe that her resting place is very appropriate. I hope to visit the museum, which is but a few minutes drive from my house, on day this summer.

Alex is considering switching his blog from WordPress to Blogger because neither he nor I can figure out how do get graphics posted on WordPress. What do you think?

Speaking of Alex, below are the newest—taken today—Alex-photos. Of course, the furball isn’t doing anything new: this cat is a creature of habit.


  1. Nick!! Alez is doing the 'vultur pose" in the second picture!! i used to have a beagle that did that too!!

  2. Aww! and what a nice 988th post :) Alex is too cute :) i am going to have to post a pic of one of my kitties here soon.. i caught her being way to

  3. You know, Alex has a very distinguished shaped head. Like he is a thinker. And thinkers don't HAVE to do anything new.. Just think!

    Don't forget your milestone! I kept skipping mine. But that is how I am. I am NOT a thinker.

    Be Blessed.


  4. Alex is adorable.. Great 988th post! Just checking in. I haven't been on line much. I've been in the yard and enjoying the hot summer.. Hope you are feeling good these days... Bunches of hugs....

  5. Hi Nick and the handsome Alex! Lovely photos of Alex...lots in typical cat poses and activities (like eating, sleeping and doing nothing).

    I hope all is well with you two and the Alex has behaved himself over the last few months.

    Take care


  6. You’ve done an amazing bit of work in creating Nick’s Bytes, Rev Saint. I look forward to joining in the celebration of your 1000th post.

  7. It would be fantastic if everything came together on your 1000th post. Fingers crossed and never say never!

  8. I'm not sure if the camera loves Alex or Alex loves the camera.

  9. Time to bite the spider back . Alex looking smooth sandy