Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Something Different: Wednesday Coffeehouse

Post #998

Music is an important part of my life. I have lots of CDs and even more LPs (that I can’t play because I don’t have a turn table). I enjoy listening to and sharing music: the latter is why I’ve been placing at the top of my sidebar the Song in My Mind Today. Those songs really have been in my mind when I’ve posted them!

Have you ever experienced the thrill of visiting the Keep the Coffee Coming blog? Each day Kat posts one or more songs that you can groove to, often on a similar theme. I’ve spent literally hours scrolling her blog and just, well, groovin’ to the beat.

Speaking of beat, when I began thinking about dedicating a day a week to sharing music, I pictured the many coffeehouses where I have listened great music and such. I’ve grooved to tunes in coffeehouses in Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky; Greenwich Village (that’s a part of NYC); St. Louis, Missouri; and even Schweinfurt, Germany (to name a few). I have (sometimes very self-consciously) played my guitar and sung songs in coffeehouses, alone and with groups. I’ve even recited poetry and told stories.

Putting all of that together, today I offer for your listening pleasure the first Nick’s Bytes Wednesday Music Coffee House. I hope to repeat this offering every Wednesday, featuring a few cuts by one artist. So, please join me as I don my black turtleneck sweater, my maroon beret, and slink back to groove to the music.


the music of

Leonard Cohen

This is my favorite Leonard Cohen song, perhaps because I have had more than one Suzanne in my life.


People often wonder who Cohen was with in the Chelsea Hotel. I have heard folks suggest she was:

Marianne Faithful

Joan Baez

or perhaps

Janis Joplin

Chelsea Hotel

The Partisan is, for me, a very moving song built up the French Resistance to the Nazis during World War II.

The Partisan

In Leonard Cohen’s songs, he often seems to be saying good-bye to someone. So, what better song to close out this set at Nick’s Bytes Wednesday Music Coffeehouse than this one:

Hey, That's No Way to Say Good-bye

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  1. Marvelous, Rev Saint! This reminds me of when we used to sit in that coffeehouse on Limestone. There was no Leonard Cohen singing, but you did a fine rendition of Suzanne. I wonder if I have a black turtleneck? I know I have no beret.

  2. Hi Nick. OK, don't shout me down, but I had never heard of Mr. Cohen or his music. But WOW, I especially loved the last song. And I DO listen to Janis Joplin.

    I completely understand what you are talking about with a song getting in your head and heart and... it's haunting at times isn't it? The last bad 'won't leave my head' experience was 'At Last' by Etta James. I had to buy her CD.

    I hope that you have a wonderful Wednesday. Going to check out Alex's Blog now. That post he did not long ago was FABULOUS!

    Be blessed Nick.


  3. OH! And I like the idea of having a regular Coffee house post on Wednesdays. Introduce me to some more folks!


  4. I have just come from have a dialogue with your cat! The music here at the coffee house is superb. I am making a note to myself not to miss next Wednesday's performance.

  5. I will come back to listen to all of the songs. :)

  6. i'm sure it was Janis :)

    love her music!!!

  7. Awwwwww......thank you for this.

    Wednesday's are notoriously a day filled with meeting after meeting after meeting......I can now enter my day with a very nice tune in my head!

    (though it was difficult to choose...LOL)

    Blessings to you and yours....

  8. I love this! Now I something special here to look forward to on Wednesdays as well as Mondays.

  9. My favorite is Suzanne, also, though I haven't had ANY Suzanne's in my life. I used to sing it while my first husband played guitar.

    Cohen's song, Hallelujah, is a stunningly beautiful song, too.

    I truly can see you in turtle neck and beret! Very becoming!

    Thanks for the songs!

  10. You know what I love about the music you posted - it's the lyrics that tell a story. Most songs don't give you that anymore.

    I used to do open mic night with a friend every Thursday in NY, we did originals as well as covers - but the originals were the ones that people wanted. Those were fun times because everyone got up and did their thing, whether it was poetry, singing, playing an instrument or just telling their political views, etc. It was their turn for the spotlight. I'm finding less of that these days, so it would be nice to see you put this on your blog!


  11. Thanks, Nick, for the lovely comment about Coffee.

    I love your Coffeehouse and I love Leonard Cohen. Suzanne is one of my favorites. Thanks!

  12. I can't play along today- I'm on dial-up- but I did dig out my old Leonard Cohen CDs.

  13. Music truly is the Voice of the Human Spirit, a universal language.

    Thank you for sharing.

  14. This coffee really is something different. I have enjoyed the music. Thank you.

  15. P.S. What can I bring to your 1,000th post celebration party???

  16. Nopw you've gone from coolness to supreme coolness echelon haha award for you my blog sandy

  17. Have popped over to Alex's blog!

    CJ xx

  18. This is a wonderful idea. Thank you for introducing me to Leonard Cohn. I really like the song Susanne.

  19. What a great artist, that Leonard Cohen! I'm pretty sure the woman shooting up while the limo waited outside the Chelsea Hotel was Janis Joplin. Years ago, my wife and daughter hob-nobbed with him backstage after a concert in Los Angeles. They were ushered in, total strangers, for no apparent reason, and were greeted like old friends.

  20. I've never heard Leonard Cohen before so thanks for the introduction Nick and what a great idea for a regular post!

  21. Er, I have and do know LC from way back. When we saw Philip Glass perform the Book Of Longing in Chicago last summer (LCs poems) we had hoped he'd show. Alas, he didn't but the concert was magnificent and much better live than the CDs ; (

    Coffeehouses like most things will never be as they were, and why should they. But again, those times and before mine were the heart of all things creative and questioning. Unlike today.

    Like you choices and nice to share with the younger folks here.

    Hope all is well 4 u! ; )

  22. Wonderful post Nick. He wrote some good stuff. I like this idea too.

    Are you really on post 998? And I am getting excited at drawing close to 100.... (I'm on 94 I think). *sigh*

    Thanks for visiting mine. Drop in tomorrow (Thurs) for some cat jokes that will make you groan...

  23. Love the coffee house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Thank you for the tip to that web site. I don't really need any more blogs to read. But, I love coffee, I love music and I love coffee houses.

  25. This is great, Nick! I had forgotten all the coffee house we have been in together.

  26. Leonard Cohen is great. He has a voice you can't forget. I am going to like this new feature. Marianne Faithful was a real knockout in her day.

  27. I have enjoyed my visit to the coffee house very much.

  28. I adore Leonard Cohen but I only have one of his albums if that makes any sense.

    It was a pleasure stopping by your site and seeing this particular post.

    P.S. I got here by exploring Micky-T's sidebar.

  29. A great idea for Wednesday, Nick. I'll pull up a chair.