Thursday, June 26, 2008

History Teaching Granddad

Post #999

This is the 999th post to Nick’s Bytes. As I promised, the next post—Number 1,000—will be a party! Alex and I have been working on that post for a couple of weeks: it will be filled with out favorite posts, photos, cartoons, jokes, etc.

Please join us on Saturday, June 28th. Any time is fine. Please bring a comment regarding Nick’s Bytes (like what you like and don’t like or maybe suggestions for the next 1,000 posts) and as many friends as you can. OK? (I writeded the ‘OK.’ OK? ~ Alex)

My son, Nick III, is home schooling his children—my grand children. When we dined together on Father’s Day he asked me if I would be willing to teach the kids history. Of course, I agreed!

We decided that I would create lessons and email them to the kids. After giving it some thought, I decided to create video lessons supplemented with text, photos, Power Point presentations, field trips, and whatever creative idea I/we develop as we continue this exciting (for me) schooling.

With Independence Day coming up, I decided to begin the classes with American history. Below is the beginning/end of my first video lesson—minus the boring history stuff, of course:

If you have any teaching ideas or resources, please share them. OK? (I, not Alex, wrote that OK).


  1. great looking Grandchildren!
    Congrats on the 1000th post! I haven't been online much.. Just trying to catch up. I hope you are feeling good.. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Wow! Congratulations with your 1,000 post to come up!

    I was watching your video, and concerned with the second segment when something looked as though it was smoking up in the back. lol

    That's awesome of you to want to share your knowledge with your grandchildren. I really wish that I was homeschooled as a kid. I would have graduated high school then. :)


  3. MISSISSIPPI SONGBIRD: Thank you. My grandkids are neat kids.

    Alex and I have been working on the 1000th post party for a couple of days. Unfortunately, the furball has gotten bored with it and decided to harass me all day today. He ahs finally decided to go outside and cat around, giving me a bit of peace.

    DEB: Yep, something was smoking in the background of that final video. It is called a c-i-g-a-r-e-t-t-e.

    A few minutes ago I received my first response on the history lesson from my granddaughter, Kayla. I am impressed with her questions and I don’t think that she’d mind my sharing them:

    Questions from Kayla

    1. Why did black people have to be slaves to white people?

    2. What is an indentured servant?

    3. Why do Indians all smoke from same pipe?

    4. What does he mean . . . that nation and the whole world will never be the same?

    5. What is religious persecution?

    6. What is democracy anyway?

    7. How do the notions of the Native Americans affect people around the world?

    8. What is a monarchy?

    9. What is a convict?

    10. What is the Far East?

  4. What a great idea Nick and of course I'll be dropping by on Saturday to read and comment on your 1000th post. :)

  5. I dint hazzlez u, u silly hooman! When u gonna helpz me maked the moz-za-ick thingie fir my bloggie thingie? I wantz more kitty katz foods. When u gonna play wif me and my new toyz? OK?

  6. well, well, well Nick you are once agian showing what a great of a person you are! nice pics of the grand kids alex is so silly lol you look good!

  7. Look at those cute grandkids!!! How fun that you can be their history teacher! They will have great memories of this all of their lives.

    And I'm impressed that your granddaughter had all of those good questions to ask.

    I will be a little late to your party, since I'm going to be out of town, but I'll get there as soon as I can.

  8. i don't have it highlighted anymore but online there are so many free teacher aids

  9. this will be invigorating for all of you !!! sk

  10. here's free onl downloads

  11. 1000! Now this is exciting!! I will be sure to stop by. Never one to miss a party. That's a great video you've put together for the grandkids.

  12. Nick,Man do I have a ways to go.I'm sitting on something like 320. I hope that you are haveing a Grand day.
    My god hold you in his hand and give you his blessing until we meet again.Mike

  13. Nick!! This was one of those moments where I couldn't have been any closer to knowing what you sounded like - your mannerisms - it was amazing! Great job!

  14. Teaching your grandkids is a great idea, Nick! I know what an tremendous teacher you are and the children could have no one better to walk with them in their learning history. Or anything else for that matter. I shall be here for your party.

  15. Depending on their ages, I'd suggest Barbara Tuchman's "The March of Folly." It examines in detail woodenheadedness in leaders who have good advice at the time but ignore all warning signs and plunge ahead on a disastrous course. The Vietnam War is one example.

    It was a bit of a shock to realize that World War II to my parents was as recent as Vietnam was to me.

  16. I think I just posted number 323 post and I started a couple of months before you did. :-)

    How great that you're helping school your grandchildren. It was also fun, again, to hear your Louisville accent. Feels like going home.

    Good questions on your granddaughter's part.

    Now go feed Alex some kitty katz foods.

  17. I'm sure you will be a great teacher, Nick.

    Give Alex a rub for me ok?


  18. Teaching your grandchildren must be a fine experience. Congratulation on the 999 posts.

  19. This is wonderful, Rev Saint! You are not only teaching again, but passing your knowledge down two generations!

    Have you played today with Alex and his new toys?

    I'll drop by Alex's blog and see if you have helped him with the moz-za-ick thingie fir his bloggie thingie.

    I do hope that you do not get your and Alex's personas confused as you write blog posts!

  20. hey! Can't wait to party with you!

    Congratulations Nick and may you keep on bloggin'

  21. Now that is the coolest thing in home schooling I've seen!!! Congratulations on your upcoming 1000th post! I'll be sure to add you to my blogroll on my new blog.

    In the meantime, have you and Nick III considered a homeschool blog? I kinda wanted to see the whole lesson there, not just the hello and goodbye bits. btw, you have quite the southern gentlemanly accent...very cool.

  22. Would you like to add some more students (my children) to your course? :)

  23. yay, a party!

    Is there a dress code?

  24. Hi Nick ~~ Congrats on getting to 999 and the big one tomorrow. You have done very well and kept us informed and interested and entertained.
    Thank you for all of that. Thank you for your comments, and prayers for Jane and Glenn McGrath and their families and friends. Hope Joh had a good birthday yesterday. Take care,
    my friend, Regards, Merle.

  25. I couldn't ever imagine a kid asking those types of questions. Little geniuses in the making! :) You're blessed my friend!

  26. Well done on this!! If I can pop in on saturday I will but not if it is sunny here as I will be outdoors doing outdoors stuff!!

  27. Hi Nick! I've posted an announcement on my blog for ya! (I told them there'd be cake).


  28. Wow, I think it would be great if all Grandparents were in charge of History. I have had to play catch up now I must run along and take MZ Mimi to get her hair done. Looking forward to 1000. Peace

  29. Will you really serve cake at the party? Anyway i'll be there.

  30. Are you going to let Alex grade those grandkids' papers?

    History as a long story--when I was a kid history was presented as a bunch of dates and wars. It is in fact a long story and that will be so much more meaningful to the students.

    Thank you for the party invitation! Can't wait!!!

  31. P.S. I just read those questions from Kayla. They are very intelligent. I'm glad I don't have to answer them, but I have MUCH faith in you, Nick.

  32. Nick this is the most wonderful idea. To have history taught by your granddad means so much more to you.

    And you will forever be on a video record for them to treasure. This is brilliant. And thank you so much for sharing a bit of the video. Now I know what you (and Alex) sound like - and you have a lovely, soft, granddaddy voice. :0)

  33. A thousand posts, and even more impressive: almost 100,000 views!

    Nick, you da man!

  34. The teaching must be a wonderful experience.

    I'll be at the party!

  35. I think that's awesome that you will be teaching your grandson's. It will definitely be a memorable experience for all of you.

    And I'm not sure if I'll have a chance to get online congrats on making it to 1,000's to 1,000 more!

  36. Nick,
    I'm so excited for you and your blog, and I'm glad I dropped by today to be part of the festivities!

  37. Aw, Granddaddy Nick, what an EXCELLENTTTTT idea for your grandkids!!

    Wow, wish I had grown up w/a grandparent as thoughtful and creative and willing to help teach me like that!
    The videos/lessons will be something they can treasure for the rest of their lives!

    btw - Kayla asked ya some awesome Qs... shows she was really paying attention to your lesson!

    Best of luck with the rest of your professorship! =)

  38. ps. I'm not one to harp (cuz I'm a smoker, too, lol), but hon, you really need to put out the cigs for good.

    Can't fire and oxygen cause an EXPLOSION???

  39. ` Nick! That vid is a most awesome idea!! I luvv your voice!! And your silly ki'kat!