Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Spider and Tree

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The Spider

Brown Recluse Spider

Yes, I am a peaceful dude; perhaps one could call me a peacemaker. I believe in the intrinsic value of all sentient creatures and seek to harm none. Since I was a child, I have captured creepy/crawly things and carried them outside of my home where I have safely released them.

However, there is such a thing as a defensive war and the damned spider started this one. She bit me first:

She even claimed space, uninvited of course, in the corner of my bedroom:

So, since Ms. Spider began this war, I intend on finishing it:

The Tree

The tree in my neighbor’s yard was huge: it branches hung over both of our houses, decks, and yards like the canapé of a rain forest. More than once in the years that I have lived here, huge limbs have come down in the wake of storms. Thankfully, falling limbs, some of which were the size of a small tree, have done no major damage to living creatures or property. However, it was only a matter of time….

Thus, my neighbor had the ancient tree removed last week. I felt sad at its destruction, but I know that it is for the best: one of those huge limbs could have very easily crushed a little kitty cat like Alex.

Most of the following photographs of the removal of the tree (a three day process) were taken by Tasha.


  1. It's a shame to cut trees down but when they cause a danger to lives and buildings it's time to throw in the towel. Great photos.

    I absolutely loathe spiders! But I just can't kill 'em. When I was little, my brother told me that if I kill a spider, all it's family will come back and wait for me in my bed. And 30 years on I still think it!!!!!

    CJ xx

  2. The poor little spider! You are using powerful stuff there.


  3. Spiders can be beneficial in ridding one of other insects. However, when they begin biting humans they really must go.

  4. I always regret to see a tree cut down after all the effort and years it took to grow but sometimes safety has to come first.

  5. Well if the spider is going to mess with you then I saw hit back. I too have no desire to harm any creatures but if they start then the gloves come off.

    Better to get that tree out of there before any branches fell from rough weather.

  6. A deathly post, Nick! First the spider, then the tree...

    Why do I have less sadness over the spider? Because he bit you?

    Trees are such wonderful creatures. I think I give them wise, old human qualities. We have a row of 5-story cottonwoods on one side of our property and it would be really hard for me to make the decision to commit tree-icide.

  7. Brown recluse bites can be very bad, eating away at the skin - take care of that bite!! (and the spider - yucka)

    I hate to see trees go, too, but it's better now than after a piece goes through a house roof!

  8. WOW Never saw how abig tree is cut down That’s a real operation Hope you get the spider before it bits you again

  9. I love trees but sometimes they're dangerous, well maybe not as dangerous as the spider!

  10. i hate spiders less shade your gona have there lol oh nick i love the way the blog list looks how did you do that?

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  12. Stamp out the spiders! Ugh---I hate the ones I see in my basement...

    As for the tree..its always sad when a tree comes down...although sometimes due to age or fragility, it is necessary.....

    I have deep feelings for trees.

    How is Alex; I confess, I mainly came over here to see him!

  13. Yikes are you doing okay with the bite?
    Definitely get that cleared out, we had a boy die from a recluse bite up here last summer.

    Sending hugs.
    Hope the Ac is fixed.

  14. Nick, ours is a "wildlife-friendly" household too. I actually enjoy seeing ordinary spiders in the house--they represent the web of life, all of that good and positive stuff. BUT a brown recluse who bites--that's another story. Be well, friend, and exterminate!

    I mourn with you the loss of that beautiful old tree. We lost several pinons to bark beetle infestation during drought and it's so hurtful to lose trees. But again, in this case, I see the necessity of it.

    Just got a load of that elaborate blog list--that is amazing! Thanks for including my place.

  15. we had a tree like that removed from our backyard about 15 yrs ago cuz it leaned toward the house...but the guy that cut it down sd we had to get somebody else to grind the stump out...that cost as much as taking the tree down!

  16. spiders are generally not so bad.. but that brown recluse one is EVIL. And can leave you with some really nasty symptoms. I pulled this from wiki (because it is just way easier!)

    Brown recluse bites may produce a range of symptoms known as loxoscelism. There are two types of loxoscelism: cutaneous (skin) and systemic (viscerocutaneous).

    Most bites are minor with no necrosis. However, a small number of bites produce severe dermonecrotic lesions, and, sometimes, severe systemic symptoms, including organ damage. Rarely, the bite may also produce a systemic condition with occasional fatalities. Most fatalities are in children under 7 [8] or those with a weaker than normal immune system. (For a comparison of the toxicity of several kinds of spider bites, see the list of spiders having medically significant venom.)

    A minority of brown recluse spider bites form a necrotizing ulcer that destroys soft tissue and may take months to heal, leaving deep scars. The damaged tissue will become gangrenous and eventually slough away. The initial bite frequently cannot be felt and there may be no pain, but over time the wound may grow to as large as 10 inches (25 cm) in extreme cases. Bites usually become painful and itchy within 2 to 8 hours, pain and other local effects worsen 12 to 36 hours after the bite with the necrosis developing over the next few days.[9]

    Serious systemic effects may occur before this time, as the venom spreads throughout the body in minutes. Mild symptoms include nausea, vomiting, fever, rashes, and muscle and joint pain. Rarely more severe symptoms occur including hemolysis, thrombocytopenia, and disseminated intravascular coagulation.[10] Debilitated patients, the elderly, and children may be more susceptible to systemic loxoscelism. Deaths have been reported for both the brown recluse and the related South American species L. laeta[11] and L. intermedia.[citation needed] Other recluse species such as the desert recluse (found in the desert southwestern United States) are reported to have caused necrotic bite wounds, though only rarely[6].

    SO .. in short, make sure you get that looked after!!

  17. Oooof, my sister got a spider bite on her forehead and it swelled up so high we thought it was some sort of allergic reaction to something she ate. Those can really be bad.

    The tree story-----my parents totally need to have their huge tree removed. It's cutting through the wires and there's a loud electric sound generating from it. That's scary.

    That tree is HIGH!!!!

  18. I think spider are fascinating but only if they remain outside where they belong. If they come into my space they are fair game and I usually win. I use the stuff you show along with glue traps to trap the invader of my space. There are many more than you think you see if you start trapping them.
    I never met a tree I did not like but then again if it intends to fall on my head or my loved ones, then down it comes. The drought last year was very unkind and we have several BIG OAKS that need to come down plus our HUGE PERSIMMON tree at the end of the drive died and I do not know what the wildlife will do without the fruit.
    Keep a watch on that bite and If you see any spread go to the doctor. Peace

  19. Spiders belong outside, not in bedrooms. I really wonder why folks plant trees so close to houses.

    Peace, my friend.

  20. Hope that spider bite is healing OK.

  21. Both spider webs and trees are beautiful, but not when they cause injury.

  22. Heh. Ditto. So, brown recluse live in Kentucky? I think I know where to find the answer....

  23. Indeed. They do! Wow - I didn't know I was such a qualified spider expert three years ago!

  24. Dear Nick ~~ Sorry about the spider bite, be sure to watch it. Pit about the tree, but they can do a lot of damage in storms. Thanks for your visit and glad you like "Words to live by".. I agree, it's nice.
    I hope Tasha's little baby gets well
    very soon. She did well with the camera. Take care, Regards, Merle.

  25. It is a shame when trees have got to come down but in the interest of safety it's acceptable. I have a huge cherry tree in my garden which is perfectly safe but it's too big, keeps the sun out and I had a passing thought to get it brought down. However, my brother and his partner decided thay would chain themselves to the tree... ;o) It worked. The tree surgeon is coming early winter to cut her back. :o)
    Get that spider Nick! She started it! ;o)

  26. THe spider bite is icky. Hope it gets well soon.

    Sad to see the tree go.

    Excellent pics, though.

  27. i get so sad at the removal of trees. We lost all but one dandy in the Hurricane and he is the daddy of them all. I have planted some since..mere pittiful ideas of the ones lost

  28. It's understandable in both cases, Nick...

    It's sad when trees have to go, but when they're a danger, it's necessary...

    & the same with the spider. Once they bite, they gotta go. I got bit once - never found the one that did it, but it left its mark:p

  29. the tree is dead :(

    oh my word Nick, a spider bit me last year and it's hectic!!! good for you on being a peacemaker and for killing the damn little spider LOL

  30. wow... that was a huge tree! pity it had to go...