Tuesday, July 01, 2008


During the couple of weeks leading up to Nick’s Bytes 1,000th Post Party, Alex and I spent more time than I care to admit reviewing and reading the three plus years of Nick’s Bytes posts to determine which ones I would link to at the party. I write “Alex and I” because the furball was with me most of the time.

You may note in the above photograph that, for Alex’s convenience and napping pleasure, I created snoozing space for him beside the computer by moving the crap materials that had been in his napping spot farther to the left on my desk. You may also note that between Alex’s hind paws and the edge of the desk there are no items:

It was not that way when Alex first reclined there. There had been two medicine bottles and an ink pen in that spot. However, while I was occupied reading/writing the 1,000th post, Alex’s feet were busily pushing, one at a time, the medicine bottles and pen off the edge of the desk and onto the floor. That, dear Reader, was Alex’s primary contribution to the research and writing of the 1,000th post.

In reflecting on the process that created the 1,000th post, I read articles in Nick’s Bytes that I had forgotten that I had written. I also was reminded of posts that I had intended to write and publish that I have never written. In other words, I gained a hell of a lot of blog post fodder in the process that shall provide posts in the months that come.

I cannot end this reflection on the party without thanking all who dropped by to celebrate with me. According to the hit counter, that was about 419 readers. That is not entirely accurate because, since the hit counter in on U.S. Pacific time (it is located in California) those hits overlap about three hours with the posting of yesterday’s Too Bad It’s Monday jokes, which always receives the greatest number of hits each week.

P.S. ~ Alex has asked me to invite you to his blog, Alexicon, to view his Mosaic Meme. (OK?)


For my friends north of me:

Happy Canada Day


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  1. Alex looks quite comfortable. We just purchased another kitty window perch for the girls. two girls, must have two perches... Even though there is a kitty condo, it isn't the same :)

  2. Cats divide the world into three catagories: things to play with, things to eat, and things to nap on.

    Anything else just doesn't matter to them.

  3. I think his contribution was very valid and I doubt the 1000th post would have been ready had Alex not aided you!
    Cute pics... that's what I would like to do now.. slip between my keyboard and screen and have forty winks. (It's 2.45 pm here but why not!) :o)

  4. LU’: To me, Alex always looks comfortable. It must be a cat knack.

    THOMAS: Add a category of harassing the cat’s hoomin and that about covers Alex’s life.

    DAFFY: I agree: without Alex, Nick’s Bytes would probably not have gotten to 1000 posts. The furball’s antics have inspired lots of blog posts.

  5. Hope you had fun on your 1000th post party!

    Alex definately looks comfy. I'm sure he thinks you couldn't have done all that without his help.


  6. Alex certainly likes to make himself comfortable doesn't he? :)

  7. I want to be a cat in my next life.

  8. haha.. i know how you feel wit nap spots. My Cali-cat likes to snooze on me though, so itmakes things difficult to type.. heheh

  9. Alex is an adorable little rascal!!! My cat is not nearly as interested in the computer as Alex is... but she does LOVE to sleep. I don't know how I ended up with a non-geeky cat. ;)


  10. I like to look at pictures of Alex. That cat is personality plus. Thanks for the Happy Birthday to my country and homeland. Now I am going to hop over to Alex's blog, which sounds like the most exciting thing since I discovered Thai food...

  11. Alex is certainly all cat.