Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tasha's Kids

Yesterday Tasha, my VA supplied homemaker, had a commitment prior to coming to my home.

Since she had her children with her for the appointment, she asked me if they could also come with her to my house. Of course, I agreed! I love kids! Izeal, Aireon, and Gregory are a pleasure to have around.

Even Alex was glad to see the children. At least for a little while. Then Alex remembered why he hides from my grandchildren when they enter the front door and made a quick retreat out the back door. He spent the remainder of the time the kids were here on the deck napping.

While they were here, we took some photos of them that Tasha has OK’d my sharing with you.

Below is Gregory, the baby born this year on my birthday, February 14th. As you may remember, I have asked for prayers for Gregory, who was born with sickle cell anemia.

Next we have Izeal and Aireon, who seem to get along much better than my sister and I did when we were their age:

Of course, they also love their new baby brother:

We couldn't end the photo session without a family portrait:

Alex headed for the back door after realizing he’d have no nap as long as the kids were in the house

Of course, Alex being Alex, as soon as I opened the door to the deck and told him the kids were gone, he came back in and had an afternoon snack.


  1. Those photo's are beautiful :0)
    Pol x

  2. Awe, they're precious! I remember your request for prayers regarding his sickle cell anemia. God bless him!

    Hope all is well on your end Nick!

  3. What a handsome family. Izeal has his Mother's smile. I am glad to see Gregory so we have a face for our prayers.
    Sam Cat never comes out around here once he hears the front door open. Peace

  4. POLGARA: Thank you. In all honesty, I must admit that I did not shoot all of them. Tasha used my camera to take the photo of Gregory. I just cropped it.

    DEB: Thank you. Gregory continues to be in need of prayers—lots of prayers. I suppose he averages a trip to the ER due to difficulty breathing about every other week.

    LADY DI TN: It is truly nice to have a face to go with one’s prayers. I suppose that since my daily prayer list not comes primarily from requests of bloggers, I have no idea of the appearance of at least half the folks on the list.

    Like Sam cat, Alex is wary of all who come in the door. Of course, he isn’t suspicious of Tasha since she’s here 3 days a week, changes his litter box, and often feds him a snack or two. Sooooooooo, when he heard her voice, the furball meandered into living room without peeking around the corner. Five minutes later he was doing his wildebeest stampeding across the Serengeti thing through the house with two little kids running after him.

  5. What an adorable family. Good to see the oldest boy has retained his chubby cheeks - looks Gregory is headed the same direction. I just love chubby cheeks on children - simply cute.

  6. ENOLA: As a chubby-cheeked kid myself whose cheeks strangers would often pinch, I’d say Izeal and Gregory may have to endure some pinches because of their cuteness!

  7. Lovely photographs. Thank you for posting them and Tasha for giving her permission.

  8. well thats a cute family! gosh i miss reading your blog i havent much internet service these days take care nick!

  9. Tasha has a very nice looking family.

  10. Cute kids. ButAlex appears to need a talking to about the responsibilities of being a cohost. He's obviously no Ed McMahon.

  11. The children look very happy.

  12. How sweet! Thanks for sharing the photos.

  13. What a beautiful family - they radiate! Well, Gregory kind of looks like he wants to kick my butt, but what a CUTIE!!

  14. tasha & family ALL look very happy! I love to see that!!

  15. ABBY: You are mots welcome. I shall pass you thanks on to Tasha.

    CHICA: Thnak you, Tiffany. I hope you solves your Internet problems soon.

    CYBER WITCH: Yes, she does.

    AKELAMALU: I agree. They are not only adorable but realty nice and loving kids.

  16. PUERILEUWAITE: You are so right! Alex is a terrible co-host—unless the visitor brings food or is willing to brush him in his way. In other words, Alex is a cat.

    THE LONE BEADER: Thank you. I think the pics came out well because we have wonderful subjects.

    KAAHUMANU: You know, I have never been around Tasha’s kids when they weren’t happy.

  17. That's a lovely family. I bet their visit gave you a lot of pleasure.

  18. SQUIRL: You are most welcome! The kids being around was a real joy.

    TUG: I wondered if anyone would comment on Gregory’s expression! You are so right, he looks like a future pugilist to me. Of course, Tasha awakened him from his nappie so I could take the photo. I suppose I might have the same expression on my face if someone awakened me to take my picture.

    LIBBY: Yes, they are a very happy family, especially considering all of the many problems with which they must deal.

  19. Nice photos. I love that Janis Joplin song!

  20. Nick, I enjoyed my visit here today. these children are Just adorable. Gregory is still in my prayers.
    I would venture to say good people bring pleasure when they come to visit do you think?

    I also want to let you know that i went on a video posting rampage with the Kinston trio, Pery Como,and a few other videos on the rambling stuff site of mine.

    I hope that you have had a blessed day! that's my story and by God,I'm sticking to it!

  21. that's really cute day! i love the dynamics going on with alex and the kiddies ... wills hides from most people but recently he affectionately head-butted (big love sign) a delivery man which he NEVER does. he had just come out of the cattery, mind.

  22. RETIRED FBI AGENT: Thank you. The Janis Joplin song about the Mercedes is till hanging in my mind. It really is quite catching!

    MIKE GOLCH: It is pleasurable when Tasha brings her kids. This is the first time they have been here since Christmas when I had a little party and some presents for them. It is the first time I met Gregory.

    MAXXO: Alex, like Wills, avoids folks he doesn’t know. Occasionally he gets friendly with people, like my new next door neighbors. Alex likes to nap on their porch and they often sit on the porch. It’s taken a while, but now Alex allows them to pet him—but not too much.

  23. They do look like a very happy family.

  24. What a beautiful family! And I ditto the thanks for sharing - esp. the pic of Gregory, it made me want to pick him up and snuggle him!!
    I try to stop and pray whenever you mention him, and now I have an image to go with my prayers.

    Please tell Alex that Cleo usually hides from visitors, too.